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Living the financial discipleship journey

Financial discipleship is:

Implementing God’s word into every area where money intersects with your life…home, work, community.

Financial discipleship is not just getting on a budget, out of debt or having your financial house in order. Financial discipleship is a journey to learn, apply and multiply God’s financial principles while helping others who are on a similar journey.

Ready to start your financial discipleship journey?

Helping you thrive on your financial discipleship journey

Compass – finances God’s way is here to help you learn and apply God’s word on money and possessions to your life and multiply His truth into the lives of others.


Anxious about your financial situation? Feeling uneasy about your use of worldly wealth? Do you really trust God to provide? One of the first steps to thriving in your financial discipleship journey is to learn what the Bible says about money.

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“Our first goal was to pay off our mortgage- and with the Lord’s help we were able to accomplish this goal and be debt free! ”
— Dan and Lynn
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“As a Small Group Facilitator, I felt led to reach out to the communities that were under served and in need, so I went knocking on the door of the local City Rescue Mission. I was welcomed with a cheerful and friendly smile. They were very receptive to having a biblical financial stewardship class there.”
— Marilyn
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“I’m so excited about defining and sharing how Christ has made a difference in my life, that my wife and I are now facilitating a Compass Small Group Study at our church. It is amazing, and so exciting to see what God has in store for us”
— Rich and Shelly
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“After going through a Compass study, we made a commitment to live our lives debt free. We thought there could be challenges, especially after our first two children were born 13 months apart. Due to God’s provision, and our faithful budgeting, Pam was able to fulfill her calling to be a stay at home mom and we were able to keep our debt free commitment.”
— Brian and Pam
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“After paying off our mortgage, I (Yvonne) was able to answer God’s calling to serve full-time in ministry. The Compass study was a life-changing experience for our family, was the catalyst for my career change and has been a great testimony to our adult children who are continuing the family legacy of applying biblical principles in their lives.”
— Frank and Yvonne
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“Before the Compass study (now 9-week Navigating Your Finances God’s way) we had more than $500,000 in debt. Our lives were full of anxiety, discontentment and unfulfillment pursuing a lifestyle well above our income level. The Compass study and the Compass Money Map put us on a course to give generously, reduce spending and eliminate all debt in 15 years.”
— Nick and Julie
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