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MoneyWise Press Release

Hopefully, you have already been listening to our brand new, call-in radio show, MoneyWise.  Please see the official press release and station list below, also check out our Facebook page for daily updates and important information.

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Howard Dayton and Steve Moore return with “MoneyWise”

LONGWOOD, FL – March 18, 2011 Howard Dayton, founder and CEO of Compass—Finances God’s Way ( has joined with radio veteran Steve Moore to launch a daily, 25-minute, nationally syndicated radio program.

MoneyWise is currently aired on nearly 300 outlets in North America, Canada, Guam and Greneda.

Fresh, relevant, and fun, MoneyWise features listener interaction, expert guests, and an unbridled passion for helping people manage their finances in a way which pleases God.

The program reunites Dayton and Moore, who were previously paired together on the broadcast, Money Matters and How to Manage Your Money.

“I am just so grateful to be back on the air with Steve Moore,” Dayton said. “My life’s passion is to teach others, from God’s Word, how to manage their money.  We have seen that a radio outreach, combined with our small group studies, is a great way to do that.”

Howard Dayton is the author of a dozen books including Your Money Map and Money and Marriage, God’s Way.  He was the co-founder of Crown Financial Ministries and founded Compass-Finances God’s Way in March 2010.  To learn more, visit, contact Kyle Hasbrouck at or call 407-331-6000.

For more information about MoneyWise, contact The Hibbard Group at or 609-678-0334.

To find a local station that is currently airing our program, please click here: MoneyWise Station List

0 thoughts on “MoneyWise Press Release

  1. Very excited about this great resource!

    1. We are too….so glad listeners in my home state and city are able to hear the program. Right now I’m praying that you guys will get some SPRING WEATHER!

  2. I praise God for your ministry….my own finances are in a mess and I am to blame! My husband maakes very good money and he is about to retire and I have squandered away our retirement; not because I have taken out of an account; but because I never set one up! I have spent as the money came in…..b/c of health issues, I have not been to church for over a year and at that time I stopped giving; up to that point I gave liberally and faithfully……I need a budget and HELP! I am in constant pain and I guess I fool myself into thinking shopping sprees make me feel good only for a season;;;;;;I HATE WHAT I DO BECAUSE I TRULY LOVE MY LORD WHO GAVE HIS ALL FOR ME…..nancy in Hilo, HI

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