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Dick Wynn

On Saturday in Orlando, the memorial service for Dick Wynn was conducted. Dick was an amazing friend to literally thousands of people as well as a gift from God to our ministry. Because of his leadership, millions of people globally have learned what God says about money. He was diabetic and had both of his legs amputated, but that didn’t slow him down. But Dick didn’t just teach people, he recruited and mentored the leadership in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, China and India. His influence will continue for generations.

Dave Rae, Steve and Marcia Moore, Steve and Laura Petherbridge and Jan and Alet Strydom (from South Africa) all joined us at the service so it was a wonderful time of getting reconnected with long time friends from Crown. Please continue to pray for Dick’s widow, Janet, who is also an amazing person.

Compass Radio

Had an ISDN line installed in my closet at home! I know, you’re probably asking yourself: What is that? Well, it’s a special type of phone line that will allow me to actually participate in the MoneyWise radio program from our home in Orlando while Steve Moore does it from the studio in Georgia.  It’s will sound as if we are in the same room. This will be a lot more convenient than taking a trip every week up to Georgia to record. We selected the closet because it’s the quietest room in the house…lol.

I didn’t know that!

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me: When I was about 40, I learned that after 40 we lose about 1.5 % of our aerobic capacity and muscle mass a year, but if you exercise regularly, you can reduce the loss to half that amount. Soooooo…I try to walk for an hour at least 300 days a year and workout with light weights 3 times a week.

Pray you enjoy a terrific week . . .  Howard

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