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Posting a Guard

I’ve been reading through the Bible this year and I’m currently in the book of Nehemiah. The story revolves around the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem that were torn down and burned during the Babylonian invasion.

At one point during the rebuilding process the enemy threatens to come and stop the work and they begin to amass their army. Nehemiah, the new Governor of Jerusalem, post guards at the low points of the wall. He instructs the people to work in shifts. One group working while the other stands guard behind them with their weapons in hand! Those that worked were also instructed to work but with ‘ one hand on the trowel and one hand on their sword’!

Today you and I will face an enemy more powerful and more destructive than the enemy Nehemiah faced. The Devil and his demons! Make no mistake, he is real and is ‘roaming around seeking to devour’!

Like Nehemiah I have posted guards at the low points of my wall, so to speak, and I have others to stand behind me as I work (Prayer warriors). I too work each day with my weapons at the ready (Bible & prayer).

Why is it that we encourage our Pastor and Missionaries to have accountability groups and prayer partners but we rarely think of doing the same. As if we who work in a secular marketplace are somehow impervious to attack?

Today, ask God for friends you can approach who will stand in the gaps for you in daily prayer. As a Follower of Jesus, your work is no less important that your Pastor or Missionary friend. You are called to be ‘Salt and Light’ where you are and you can be assured your enemy wants to thwart your work and discourage and destroy you!

I have 12 people who pray for me daily. I send them a brief weekly prayer outline (Personal requests, business requests and praises- bullet points) via email.

Who are your ‘twelve’? Contact them and ask them to stand in the gap for you. Work will take on new meaning in the power and protection of ‘The Cross”!

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