Studies, Maps & Garage Sales

Dear Friends,

Enjoyed a productive week . . . well, some of it was productive—

Compass materials: Finished the recording of the Money and Marriage God’s Way small group study Notes. These Notes and the ones for Navigating Your Finances God’s Way will be on the web site and downloadable free for those participating in these small group studies. We hope to have these ready to go by the end of the month.

Been working on improving the Compass money map and are in the final stages of this project. Very excited about having this available to give people a clear step-by-step process of handling money God’s way.

Garage sale: Some people are garage sale people and others are not. Our neighborhood held its annual garage sale on Saturday. We didn’t have much to sell and sold a whopping $15 worth! That’s the good news . . . we bought $45 of stuff! At lease we paid pennies on the dollar. Bev reminded me that garage sales are just not my spiritual gift.

Coming up: Will be signing agreement with the American Bible Society on Wednesday for their publication of a Financial Bible using the 2,350 verses in the Bible dealing with money and possessions. The Financial Bible will also be formatted electronically for use over the Internet with a search component. American Bible Society has been in existence for more than 190 years, and been used by the Lord to distribute the Word of God around the world.

94 and counting: My siblings and I (and our spouses) will be spending three days with my 94 year old mom starting the 23rd. We are praying for a terrific time with her and would appreciate your prayers as well. She has a heart condition that makes her breathing very difficult.

Great book to recommend to you. I’m reading it for the third time within a year. It’s Trusting God by Jerry Bridges published by NavPress. Terrific book dealing with the part that God plays when we are experiencing a crisis. Encouraging and loaded with the truth of God’s Word!

Warmly in Christ,


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