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Core Values

Until this year, I had never been involved in a start-up.  There have been times over the past year that have been filled with incredible joy and enthusiasm and times where I have felt completely lost and confused. Normally this would drive me crazy as I like to stay pretty steady, but I (and others) have been blessed with an incredible gift from the Lord that has been helpful in both the great times as well as the times of struggle- our core values.

Our team has diligently worked at seeking the Lord’s direction about who we are as a ministry and what it is that we hold close to our heart. It has been through these conversations, dialogue and many hours of prayer that the Lord has developed our core values that are seen in the diagram below:

We are in the last stages of publishing our final version of these core values, which will soon be posted on the Compass website and bring much greater detail. These values have been instrumental in shaping how we develop materials, what delivery methods we will use and the impact that these resources will have on people’s lives. They have also guided us in how we operate as an organization or “family”, how we serve our staff and affiliates and they keep us focused on our goal of life transformation.

Each week one of our staff shares with the team a specific core value that the Lord has put on their heart. They will share how they have experienced this core value, how they have seen it lived out in the lives of other team members, or how they try to implement it in their daily life. Each time one of our staff shares, the Lord teaches or reveals to me something new. It is one of the highlights of my week. I am grateful that our core values aren’t just a document for our team, but that they are a way of life- what a great blessing!

God Bless – Kyle

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