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Update from Howard 5/23

Dear Friends,

Here’s what’s happening:

Materials: The Compass USA field team wanted the revised and updated Your Money Counts available as an audio book that could be downloaded from the Compass web site for those going through the small group. Many people prefer to learn by listening. So, we started by recording chapters 1-4 (there are 18 chapters in book). Hope to have this available on line by the end of July.

Jack Kelly: Jack is a close friend who served with Crown as a volunteer for years and then as a part-time employee. His experience and expertise is in helping companies by interviewing people for jobs and also solving any relational problems at work. He’s the best! Great heart and extraordinarily capable! If anyone needs some help in selecting the right staff, please contact Jack at He lives in Orlando, but has a lot of experience interviewing over the phone.

Dentist: Going to dentist is never my favorite thing, especially to fix a seriously cracked tooth—this is one reason why we encourage people to have an emergency savings to prepare for the unexpected. But the Lord has been good to provide me a superb dentist, Dr. Chris Chard, who went through the Money and Marriage God’s Way small group study with Bev and me.

Sweaty hands and all, I doing some serious prayer as he was grinding away on my tooth, and it struck me—no, fortunately not a nerve—but the thought: How fortunate to live at a time in history where this type of medical technology and this skilled a dentist are available! God is kind.

Think about it and grow: For almost four decades I’ve been reading through the Bible each year. I love using the Daily Walk Bible, because it keeps me on track and accountable to be in the word. This week the Lord spoke to me from Psalm 133:1, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity.” This is so true. We all know how it feels when we are in complete unity with a Christian friend. It’s sweet! And unfortunately, most of us know how it feels when we aren’t enjoying unity with another Christian. Let’s pray that if we have any hard feelings towards one another, that the Lord would completely replace it with a strong sense of love and unity.

Warmly in Christ,


Howard Dayton is the Founder and CEO, Compass – finances God’s way. For more information about Howard, please click HERE

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