Marriage, Storms & Studies

Dear Friends,

Marriage: Had the honor of marrying my sixth couple, Kyle and Jennifer Furano, and was totally impressed by their love for one another and their love for Christ. Not surprisingly, the minister was the most nervous . . . . but I looked good in a sharp looking robe. lol!

The Unexpected Storm: My 6 am Tuesday morning walk started like any other, but about half way I noticed some ominous looking dark clouds moving rapidly toward me. About 10 minutes from home buckets of rain poured down . . . then incredible lightening strikes! My prayer life was off the charts! All I could do was to cry out to Jesus to protect me as I thought I could feel the heat of the bolts landing close to me. I darted into a neighbor’s sheltered entrance and then it struck me . . . no, not the lightening. But a fresh realization of just how powerful God is.

The flashes of light followed by the deafening thunder are created and controlled by Christ alone. “He [the Lord] makes lightening for the rain” (Jeremiah 10:13). Our Lord is so powerful. Nothing is too difficult for Him. Then it dawned on me that one of my biggest challenges is not consistently remembering that God has responsibilities and we have responsibilities. When it comes to my serving at Compass, I am required to be diligent, be a person of integrity and seek the Lord’s direction and favor. But often I put my “toe across the line” and try to do things that only Jesus can do, such as, touch the heart’s of people. In that rain swept entrance, I repented of my pride and sin.

I Will: I want to give you a home work assignment. I’ve recently been reading through the book of Jeremiah, and on the heels of my experience in the storm, I began to underline the times that the Lord said, “I will.” It’s amazing. Sometimes He says it a half dozen times on just one page. Sometimes the Lord warns nations that He going to whack them for their disobedience; other times he promises a blessing. And He alone can bring what He has said to pass. Our homework assignment: underline it in your Bible, every time the Lord says, “I will”, to remind yourself just how capable God is to do what He wants to do.

Dallas: Monday and Tuesday headed to Dallas (where it’s a cool 98o today) to spend time with two great brothers: Gunnar Johnson, the president of Christian Stewardship Network, and Brad Jack, the key person for Compass in Dallas/Ft. Worth, who has been leading our Money and Marriage God’s Way small group study. Please pray for a safe trip and productive time.

Small Group Studies: Speaking of small group studies: This is the most common time of year that people prepare to lead Compass small group studies. Money and Marriage God’s Way is a very helpful 6 week study and Navigating Your Finances God’s Way is a superb 9 week study. Check out to learn more. If you’d like to facilitate one, you can do so by simply attending one of our 2 hour Facilitator Training Webinars that are conducted several times each week.

May the Lord bless you in a very special way this coming week.

Warmly in Christ,
Howard Dayton


Howard Dayton is the Founder and CEO, Compass – finances God’s way. For more information about Howard, please click HERE.

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