Update From Howard – Sept 21

Dear Friends,

Our family:  We just celebrated my mom’s 95th birthday! My wife, Bev’s mom passed away about a year ago at the age of 98 . . . so thankfully there are some good genes in our family tree. In the Compass small group studies we take prayer requests each week that the participants pray for each other. In the last meeting we take long-term prayer requests, and my request is always the same: That I would finish well walking closely with Jesus making a difference in the lives of others. Want all of us to hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant” ringing in our ears forever!

Windy Gap:  Had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the Windy Gap (North Carolina) men’s retreat this past week and the retreat with about 350 men was amazing! I first attended the retreat about 30 years ago and had never before seen a group of men who were so transparent in their love for Christ and each other. I can remember returning home and going to the grocery store—and being stunned at how little the people in the store cared for each other. Nothing is more powerful that becoming a model of genuinely caring for others.

Compass radio in New York:  Excited to be scheduled to speak at the Family Life Radio Network events in Bath, NY (October 24) and in Rochester (October 25) at an event honoring about 500 pastors. Family Life Radio is a terrific partner with us in helping people learn God’s way of handling money in that part of the country.

Taliyah - Howard's Replacement
Taliyah - Howard's Replacement

My future replacement:  Take a look at this picture! It’s my 2 ½ year granddaughter, Taliyah Faith Dayton, learning the ropes of hosting a radio program. The scary part is she’s really good!

May our precious Lord bring you close to himself today!

Warmly in Jesus,

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