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I nearly lost my balance

I grew up in a small town in the oil fields of East Texas.  Many parking lots were lined with pipes about 2 feet off the ground rather than fences or other barriers.  As a teen, I loved to walk on the pipes, keeping my balance.  Steady balance was the key to staying in the game.

In my job, I have the ability to “trade” my regular schedule for more work, when it becomes available.   With two kids in college, money is going out faster than it is coming in.  I now find myself trying to “up the paycheck” at every opportunity.  I was considering working more days to be a better provider, but it would be a trade-off.  I would be losing time with my kids, while they were home from college between semesters.

Before moving on to the next task of the day, I took a break to scan through the first chapter of Proverbs, and there in verse 19, my eyes caught these words, “So are the ways of everyone who is greedy for gain; It takes away the life of its owners.”  This moved my heart.

It’s not that providing for my family was wrong, it’s just that I had fallen into a trap, trying to wear myself out just to have more.  I sensed that I was losing my balance between having more money vs. time with those I love.

Winning the balancing act is not about running down the pipe as fast as you can, it’s about staying in the game, steady all the way to the end.

Brad Jack
Executive Director, Texas

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  1. Thank you! this is just the verse I needed today.

  2. Great verse, Jack Thanks brother

  3. Good for me this AM. I am in the same position as the blogger. More outflow than inflow, but time with family is lost. Balancing is not easy, but if we follow Him He will help us balance while we run the “pipes”. Thanks

  4. thanks for posting needed this today

  5. When I was working I tried to keep my balance. It may have prevented me from going farther in my career. I was a peer manager with a women who is now CEO of a Fortune 10 company. Once when I had a new manager I was telling my young sons about him at the dinner table. I mentioned that he was divorced and leaving alone. One son spoke-up and said, “Dad, I think you are more successful.” As I now look our grown sons, both of them show great balance in their lives.

  6. Thank you Brad for your insightful words. I appreciate your honest transparency. Great verse for me today. Trust you are well.

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