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Christmas Retail Sales

The anchor on the evening news opened with a cheery, “Happy Holidays!” . . . . whatever happened to Merry Christmas?

Then his expression completely changed to one of deep concern, discouragement, and even distress. Was he going to report on a natural disaster, or did someone die, or did another one of the Kardashians get divorced?

No, he went on to explain that Christmas retail sales were down! The expected 2.5 percent increase in sales turned out to be only a .5 percent increase. Retailers and politicians were wringing their hands. What was the cause of this major catastrophe? The fiscal cliff? Unrest in the Mid-east? What could have been so devastating that American shoppers didn’t open their wallets and spend as much as anticipated?

I smiled! Maybe, just maybe, enough of our citizens realized that they should spend sanely so they could get of out of debt, add to their emergency savings, and even give to those in genuine need.

And that’s my prayer for you in 2013. May you learn what the Lord says about handling money—and He says a lot with 2,350 verses in the Bible dealing with it. Then, make an effort to get out and stay out of debt, give generously to the work of God, and save for future needs.

May the Christ of Christmas bless you in every way this coming year, as you get to know Him better.

Warmly in Jesus,
Howard Dayton

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  1. Merry Christmas to all….and to all a good night…………

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