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The Big Gamble

Dear Friends,

I just watched a 13 minute-video clip on gambling from the CBS news program, 60 Minutes. It literally almost made me ill!

Not the program itself; in fact, I thought the producers of 60 Minutes did an outstanding job of investigating why so many people become pathologically addicted to gambling.

This is especially true with those who gamble using the newest breed of what used to be called three armed bandits. There are now about 850,000 of these new breed machines that are high tech and literally captivate many of our citizens. For example, the machines are programmed to say after ever bet you have won! Forget that the bet cost you $1.00 and the machine says you “won” $.45 cents – you really LOST $.55!

What was especially discouraging was an interview of the governor of Pennsylvania who led the charge in getting casino gambling legalized in his state. When the interviewer pressed him on why he would risk so many of his citizens become addicted to gambling, he argued, “If we don’t provide it here, they will travel to another state, and the Pennsylvania state budget will lose more than a billion dollars of gambling income.

Folks, it’s all about the money. Forget the lives and families that are ruined. The divorces. The children who don’t have a mom and dad in the home. The financial cost to the individuals who squander their paycheck and 401k retirement money. It’s all about the money.

God’s people should never gamble one penny. We should not risk becoming addicted to gambling nor should we support an industry that destroys so many people.

Here is the link to the program:

Warmly in Christ,

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  1. I have heard regular church-goers say ‘there is no difference between investing in the stock market or other type investment etc. and gambling’; AND stated that when they win big their church will get a huge chunk of their winnings.

  2. Praise God for this article!!! I don’t even like the idea of buying a lottery/raffle ticket. I saw first hand, as a child, the devastating effects of gambling. I can conclude that there’s no spiritual profit/gain in gambling; only broken relationships, heartaches, and financial disaster. Leaving a memorable legacy by relying solely on our Heavenly Father for our needs builds our future generation with hope. Teaching our children financial responsibility and accountability for their actions at an early age is vital.

  3. Howard, as you know gambling is rampant in Florida. Not only the casinos (Hard Rock in Tampa is second largest in the US), but these store-front gambling halls where they give away prizes. The sheriff is so overwhelmed with them, that he won’t even try to bust them up. I was dumbfounded when an Elder, member of the choir and an eager volunteer told me she frequented one of these store-front establishments. In Bradenton, when they raided one place the news people interviewed a senior-citizen-patron who said, “What else do we have to do?” How about Meals on Wheels, mentoring, spending time talking to a nursing home resident?

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