Update: European Conference

Dear Friends,

Many of you prayed for the trip to Germany and my participation in the Europartners conference in Berlin; THANK YOU! The trip was memorable and the conference could not have gone better.

First the trip: We sat waiting on the tarmac in Atlanta for about 30 minutes while the mechanics were replace something and some of the passengers on the flight were becoming restless and starting grumbling. And then it struck me: 100 years ago, a trip to Berlin would have taken weeks by boat and then train. 200 years ago, the same trip would have been extraordinarily dangerous taking months by a wind-powered ship and then horses.

Our flight was scheduled to take about 8 hours . . . and some passengers were complaining about a 30 minute delay!! Two hundred years ago, after 8 hours on their trip, the passengers would probably still be seeing the land of America.

It is easy to take for granted the advances in travel and communication–Skyped almost everyday with Bev to stay connected with my dear wife. Imagine, for no cost I was able to see her and talk to you while thousands of miles away and on another continent! Bottom line: we should nurture an attitude of gratitude for living at this time in history.

The biggest “A-ha” for me at the conference where we introduced Compass to the business people from all over Europe, was the quality of these followers of Christ. Many live in countries where vibrant Christianity is not popular or might even be persecuted. They are serious about their faith in faith in Jesus Christ, and incredibly hungry and thankful for the message of handling money God’s way that Compass brings.

Our European Director, Peter Briscoe is a spiritual giant who is admired by all these business leaders.

I am tremendously encouraged and would ask your continued prayers for the Lord to pour out His Spirit on Europe and allow us to play a part in equipping God’s people in this place to handle His money God’s way.

Gratefully in Christ,
Howard Dayton

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