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God Is In Control

Dear Friends,

One of my favorite Bible verses is 1 Chronicles 29:11, which says in part, “We adore you [Lord] as being in control of everything.” And the times we need to recognize His control most is when something unexpectedly happens that messes up our plans.

Ed is a close friend, godly man and avid runner. He participated in the Boston Marathon a few weeks ago and was on track to finish at the same time the bombs were detonated.

Only a few minutes from the finish line, suddenly he was hit on the head, face and chest with a LARGE bowel movement from a bird flying overhead.  Most regular runners have experience being hit with a just a little white “bird poop”, but this was giant! So much so, that Ed was stunned and stopped. An onlooker rushed over and poured his drink on Ed’s head and face so he could see.

The cleanup took a couple of minutes. Ed is competitive and had been training hard for the marathon to finish in four hours or less. That was his goal. He found himself disappointed and a little angry.

He resumed his running and only had taken a few steps before the bomb exploded at the finish line. 

Ed later reflected, “God, in His mercy singled me out, by sending a bird with a case of diarrhea, to preserve me. I feel awful that so many others were badly hurt.”

In a new way, Ed realizes that God is in control of every event. When circumstances don’t go as planned, we can actually rejoice, knowing that our Lord has our best interests at heart.

Warmly in Christ,

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