Bev Cancer Update & Larry Burkett 10th Anniversary

Dear Friends,

I want to bring you current on my wife’s progress in fighting cancer and reflect on the tenth anniversary of Larry Burkett passing away July 4th.

BEV: on Wednesday we met with her radiologist who has an excellent reputation. We really liked him! He confirmed that her breast cancer has metastasized to her bones and told us that it is located in many more spots than we previously had been told.  The hormone medication that she started taking five days ago should be able to control the cancer – Lord willing!

He prescribed 15 radiation treatments in the pelvis area (5 treatments a week for 3 weeks) starting on Monday. When we asked about the side effects, he responded, “The only side effect you should have is becoming pain free!” She will also receive an intravenous medication that is intended to strengthen her cancer weakened bones. Her bones have been so damaged that Bev is severely limited in what she can do for exercise because of the risk of bone fracture.

We continue to be blown away at the outpouring of support and prayer on Bev’s behalf! Thank you is such an inadequate word for the gratitude we feel toward all of you standing with her. She remains completely at peace, snuggled in the love of Christ, clinging to His promises and comforted that “We adore you [Lord] as being in control of everything” (1 Chronicles 29:11). God is the ultimate micro-manager – intimately involved in every area of our lives. What a magnificent revelation.

LARRY BURKETT: It doesn’t seem that is it possible that it’s been ten years since I received that 3:00 am call from the hospital that Larry Burkett had passed away and gone home to be with the Lord he loved so deeply.

In early 2000, I was a guest on Larry’s radio program and during the program, the Lord impressed on his heart that we should merge the two ministries. I will never forget when Larry came to visit our leadership team to discuss the merger, he stood with his hands clenched I said, “My greatest fear in life is standing before Jesus Christ someday and hearing Him say, “You held on to the ministry too tightly.’ So, I’m opening my hands and inviting you to lead our ministry.”

We merged ministries later that year. Larry’s vision was to use radio and the internet for what he called “financial evangelism” – teaching the multitudes God’s way of handling money. Then, to use small group studies in church for “financial discipleship” – teaching the few deeply.

Steve Moore, Larry’s co-host for almost 20 years, and I are honored to continue Larry’s legacy on the radio and the internet. The Lord has brought Compass outstanding staff and volunteers to serve countless churches around the globe. Please pray for the Lord to bring us the right people and adequate resources to continue to fulfill Larry’s vision of “financial evangelism and discipleship.”

Warmly in Christ,

Howard Dayton

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