Update on Bev 7.20.13

Dear Friends,

As I’ve shared with you for the past four weeks, my wife Bev is battling breast cancer which has metastasized to her bones. The good news remains that she is tolerating the medication and radiation very well. The only side effect seems to be fatigue.

However, this type of cancer has proven to be particularly painful, predicable, and unpredictable! Predictable – in that she has experienced acute pain every day. Unpredictable – in that a different area in her back, ribs or pelvis is where the pain is centered.

This journey has added a new dimension of sharing our lives together. We see more clearly than ever that life is really all about loving and serving Jesus Christ and loving and serving people. And so many have been kind to pray for her in this hour of need – from family and friends, to churches in Singapore, to our radio listeners. We cannot adequately thank you.

Two books in particular have meant a lot to us. Trusting God is a superb book by Jerry Bridges and published by Navpress that surfaces God’s role when we are faced with significant challenges. It is outstanding. The second book is Safe in the Storm by Stephen Hatcher. Stephen is an attorney who shares his experience with cancer as he went through spine surgery, chemotherapy, and a stem cell transparent. He is articulate and amazingly transparent. His insights are very helpful. Here is an excerpt:

“Normal was good. Normal was pain free. Normal was comfortable. Maybe too comfortable . . . so comfortable that it could stop me from stretching, reaching and moving forward in my relationship with God who loves me enough to allow my faith to be tested.

“When James writes to believers suffering ‘trials of various kinds’ and speaking for letting the trial ‘have its full effect’ (James 1:4). I do not think he expected them to back to business as usual once the challenge had passed. Tests to our faith are intended to cause us to grow and change.”

May all of us use challenges to grow and change more in the likeness of Christ!

Gratefully in Jesus,
Howard Dayton

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