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The most of your time

Dear Friends,

An update on Bev’s battle with cancer and some practical things I’m learning about – time.

First, my bride of 42 years has decided not resume the second round of radiation until she recovers from the awful side effects of the first three of fifteen treatments of round two. She has definitely improved the last several days and actually enjoyed her first pain-free day in two months. Despite experiencing more discomfort today, Bev is thanking our Lord for His kindness and care as she walks closely with Christ while dealing with breast cancer that spread to her bones.

This morning we held our monthly conference call with Compass leaders from around the world. What an encouragement to learn Bev is being prayed in Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Mexico, and in churches throughout India just to mention a few! We are sooooo grateful for your prayers!

Now, here’s a little of what I’m learning about time as I work on finishing the Business God’s Way small group study: Just as we use a budget to prioritize the spending of our money and to avoid unwise impulse spending, so we should be equally careful with how we spend our time. Ephesians 5:16 says, “Make . . . the most of your time.” The Lord has given each of us enough time to accomplish the entire will of God for us and to complete His plan for our lives. It’s not a matter of needing more time, but of making better use of the time we have.

It boils down to identifying our priorities and not squandering time that are unimportant. A simple, practical way to do this, is to list what you need to accomplish and each day begin by prioritizing the list. Items that must be done identify as an “A”, less important items are a “B”, and the least important code as a “C”. Then, further prioritize the “A” group by assigning #1 to the most important item. Warning! It may be something that will be hard to do! But don’t stop working on it until it is completed. Then, start working on the second most important in the “A” group.

This simple approach will help you “Make . . . the most of your time” (Ephesians 5:16).

Warmly in Christ,

Howard Dayton

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