Bev – Cancer Update

Dear Friends,

The past week has been among the happiest of my life! For the past five months, my wife, Bev has battled breast cancer that spread to her bones. Bev has experienced excruciating pain almost every day . . . until last week.

The pain in her ribs, hip, and back had been diminishing, but her knee then flared up, and she could not walk unaided. An MRI determined that it was not cancer, but a torn meniscus – thank our Lord! Last week we went to an orthopedic surgeon to have him examine the MRI and schedule surgery.

When Larry Burkett was fighting his renal cell cancer, he used to tell me, “Howard, there’s a big difference between doctors who were at the top of their medical school class and those at the bottom of their class. Get a smart one. The Lord did just that by bringing us, Dr. Mintzer, who works on million dollar knees as the orthopedic physician for the Orlando Magic basketball team. He took one look at Bev and told her she didn’t need surgery and that he didn’t need the money from the surgery.

She left with one quick shot to the knee, and 12 hours later was pain free.

Bev and I want to thank all of those of you who have prayed for her complete healing. We cannot adequately express our gratitude. Really. But, please don’t stop! Her oncologist is very encouraged, but said that he would not know for certain if the bone cancer is under control until he does some scans in late December.

To our great, kind, and loving Christ, be all the glory.

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