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Glen Eyrie Retreat Update

Dear Friends,

Our 4th Annual Compass Retreat is coming to a close tomorrow and it’s best summed up in Psalm 133:1 which says, “How good and how pleasant it is for brothers [and sisters] to dwell together in unity.”

For years I’ve felt that one of the clearest indications of a ministry or organization experiencing God’s favor is by the quality of the people that the Lord brings to it. Here are the words I’d use to describe those people the Lord is bringing to Compass: godly, capable, humble, servants, called, courageous, passionate . . . oh, and did I mention they also love to laugh have fun!

As important as it is for us to fulfill the Lord’s calling for Compass by teaching as many people as possible God’s way of handling money – the icing on the cake is to do it with a band of women and men who love each other and encourage one another to know Christ in a more intimate way.

During the retreat we heard reports from around the globe. Compass is now serving in 40 countries, and there are strong indications the number of countries will almost double in the next two years. We would be deeply grateful if you would join us in praying the Lord to continue to raise up just the right people in each of the nations.

Speaking of prayer . . . I’m thrilled to report that my wife, Bev, continues to experience less and less pain from her bone cancer!! Again, thank you for praying for her. She has not felt excruciating pain for five weeks and is able to even drive for short distances. We will learn just how much the tumors on her spine have shrunk in December when she undergoes a scan.

We are certain her improvement is in answer to your prayers.

Love in Christ,

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  1. I loved reading this post and knowing you are back at Glen Eyrie. Brings back lots of wonderful memories. God is surely blessing Compass. His favor is upon you and those who are alongside you spreading God’s financial wisdom around the world. Great timing! I am just as delighted to read Bev is having better days.

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