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Business God’s Way

Dear Friends,

This journey with Bev’s cancer is a journey of faith in Christ. As I mention in my last blog, Bev’s excruciating pain was and is still gone! We praise God and thank you for praying for this relief.

However, when we met with her oncologist several days ago, we learned that the “markers” in her blood were elevated. 35 is normal, she had 48 a month ago and 58 now. The doctor promptly ordered a bone scan which she will undergo today. We should find out the results tomorrow. The blood tests are not always accurate, while bone scans are.

We remain supremely confident that our heavenly Father is in total control, and are trusting Him for her healing. As always, we need your prayers.

I’ve been working with a wonderful group of business people for about a year on the Business God’s Way materials. There is such a need for those in business to understand how the Lord wants them to use their platform in the marketplace to influence others for Christ. This is how I was introduced to the Savior when I was 28 years old.

We are getting really close to having the Business God’s Way materials complete!! The content is outstanding!  The 6-week small group study and the book are at the typesetter, the audio book has been recorded and is being edited, and we are half way through shooting the DVD series. We are on schedule for all of them to be completed shortly after the first of the year.

Love in Christ,


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  1. Praise God! In the name of Jesus, expect to receive words of encouragement! This is good news, Praise His Name! I am so Prayerful and Hopeful for her healing. God Bless the both of you. Beverly Price

  2. My heart goes out to Bev.  You can  count on my prayers daily.

  3. My prayers ar with you. I had head and neck cancer in 1996 and given a 50/50 chance to live, It was stage three. Priase the Lord I am still here and grateful for everyday. Know you are not alone…

    Steve d Dodge

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