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Operation World

Dear Friends,

Has the Lord given you a heart for the world? Would you like to develop a heart for the world?

I’ve got just the book to help you. It’s called Operation World written by Jason Mandryk. Joni Eareckson Tada of Joni and Friends said this about it: “For years I have used Operation World to pray for people in every tongue, tribe, and nation. It is a time-honored global manual of prayer which will provide you everything you need to bring the nations of the world before the throne of God.”

I try to read about one country a day and they are all researched in the book  – from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. I learn about the nation and pray for revival and for the Lord to raise up an indigenous leader to serve with Compass so that the people of that country will learn God’s way of handling money. Yesterday it was Aruba.  I’ve discovered that the Spirit of God gives you a love for the country as you read about it.

Log on to to find out more.

Bev and I continue to be encouraged and thankful for the news last week that her blood markers for cancer dropped in half. She still is dealing with side effects of taking chemo, but she is managing it wisely and with amazing courage.

I am married to the most amazing and godly person I’ve ever met.

Love in Christ,
Howard Dayton

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  1. And, likewise, Bev is married to the most amazing and godly person most of us haven’t yet met, but know about.  Praying every day for a miracle!

  2. We use Operation World as part of our homeschool curriculum. It’s a great resource, with prayer and praise reports for each country.

  3. Praise God for the GOOD NEWS! About Beverly and Jesus too! He is the Miracle Healer when no one else is around. Today I received information from Dr. Monica Crane, Neuroscientist at University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville, Tennessee. I have Frontotemporal Degeneration, which means to put it candidly, I am losing my mind. I am already feeling the affect of change in speech, I have inappropriate responses such as saying BYE, BYE instead of Amen after Prayer. I told an electrician that I loved him when he was hanging up the phone to go do a repair for me. I sent out checks to pay bills then withdrew the money knowing inside that something wasn’t right but couldn’t remember that I had sent the checks. I have many more examples but I know that God has a plan. In 1974, I suffered Traumatic Brain Injury from a Broadside Collision while driving home from work. I was appx. 3 blocks away from the Regional Hospital and there was a Pastor that reported the student running the red light that I was going thru on a green light, hitting me broadside. I was 20 years young. I suffered internal bleeding from my left kidney,my liver and my spleen required removal. My left ribs were broken, my left hip broken, my left clavicle, I had TMJ of the left jawbone and was unconscious for 17days in ICU. That was some time ago, God’s plan was for me to live and not die. I thankfully received Jesus as my Saviour and have made Him Lord of my life. So now, I will wait upon Him to renew my strength. I will mount upon wings as eagles. I will run and not grow weary, I shall walk and not faint. Now I will wait upon Him. You and Beverly possibly have felt this has been the longest year of your lives. Be Thankful that you are together and have been patient.Know that time Past is just a Present so be hopeful for Future gifts to come. In Prayer for Beverly’s Healing and your strength, Beverly Price


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