Name Your Blessings

Remember the world of wonders he has made,
his miracles, and the verdicts he’s rendered…
– Psalm 105:5

Our son, Cash, is almost 20 months now. It has been an incredible experience seeing his personality develop over these months. He is a sweet boy and the “apple of Daddy’s eye”! The Lord is constantly using Cash to teach us about Himself- patience, trust and faith are all areas we have grown in as a result of our son. The latest teaching moment was really eye-opening to us.

In our culture of want and consumerism, it can be very easy to forget the ways that God has blessed us. It is sometimes easier to look at what we don’t have rather than what we do have. Generally speaking, I always thought that Danielle and I have done a pretty good job of being thankful for the ways that The Lord has blessed us- until Cash showed us up one night!

We had put Cash to sleep, and as we often do, we watched him on the video monitor as he went to sleep- it is a precious thing to see. While we were looking at the monitor, Cash started chanting “Mama, Daddy, Elmo, Blanky”. He did this over and over again until he fell asleep. The next night he did the same thing and every night there after- “Mama, Daddy, Elmo, Blanky”.

What we didn’t pick up on until a couple nights later, is that Cash was literally naming all of his blessings before going to bed. It didn’t matter if he had a rough day or a great day- every night night he would chant the things that were most important to him in his life.

As I reflected on this, it made me think of the following phrase…


I know that if this phrase were a reality in our house, there would be days that our home would be pretty bare. But I also know that every morning Cash would wake up to Mama, Daddy, Elmo and his Blanky!

I would encourage you to also name your blessings each day. It is a wonderful way to thank the Lord for all He provides.

Cash and the day he received one of his favorite blessings- Elmo!

Cash & Elmo

In His unfailing love,

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