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Bev Cancer Update & Easter

Dear Friends,

Great news! The doctor was almost giddy in telling us that Bev’s bone scan confirmed that the tumors haven’t grown and the cancer hasn’t spread to other parts of her body. He went on to say that the tumors of this type cancer remain, they are not killed, but as long as they are not growing or spreading, it’s in remission.

So, she keeps taking the medication and has a monthly visit to the oncologist for blood work and a shot to strengthen her bones.

It has been wonderful to see her spirits raised the past three months, knowing that the Lord is answering your prayers and the prayers of so many of His people on her behalf. God is good all the time.

Yesterday, I was reading in Matthew 24 and 25 about the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. He knew that He would be facing the cross in just five days. Imagine the stress that must have had on Him. Yet, He was kind to heal two blind men just before riding into Jerusalem on a borrowed donkey. And immediately after chasing the dishonest money changers out of the temple, Matthew 25:14 tells us, “And the blind and the lame came to Him in the temple, and He healed them.”

Jesus Christ is still in our healer. Sometimes our physical bodies need healing. Other times it may be a relationship or our finances that need healing. As we approach the celebration of Easter, the day that God the Father raised God the Son from the grave, I want you to consider a question. Do you know Jesus Christ personally?

Jesus was willing to die on a cross and take upon Himself the penalty for my sins and your sins so that we could come to know Him personally and become part of His family forever. Do you know Jesus Christ personally?

If you want to know Him and aren’t certain whether you have this relationship, I encourage you to receive Jesus Christ right now. Pray a prayer similar to the one I prayed four decades ago:

“God, I need You. I’m sorry for my sin. I invite Jesus to come into my life as my Savior and Lord, and to make me the person you want me to be. Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me the gift of eternal life.”

If you asked Christ into your life, you have made the most important decision anyone could ever make. I urge you to find a church that teaches the Bible, one where you can begin to learn what it means to follow Jesus Christ.

Warmly in Christ,
Howard Dayton


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  1. Dear Howard & Beverly, I listen to Christian radio daily and hear your program often – thank you for an excellent job and much needed financial guidance God’s way. I heard on the program about Beverly’s cancer battle and didn’t realize her situation. I hesitated to reach out because often people are bombarded with information so it is easier to dismiss, yet I felt myself being nudged to pass this on in hopes you would be willing to gather more information, knowing this has been an answer to prayer for thousands of cancer survivors. We have a company with world headquarters in St Louis that began from research a Christian scientist did after WWII for 10 years studying the function of a healthy cell. Reliv International was formed to help him get his formulation to the world 28 years ago and it has been life changing and life saving for thousands around the world. The body is capable of healing in ways we don’t comprehend and doctors are not trained in this field so it is not in their toolbox to help in this way. They have a humanitarian mission that feeds over 42,000 families in need daily, mostly children in 9 countries and I’ve been on mission to get the word out for over 8 years. I’ve met countless of friends who thank God for answer to their prayer with cancer as well as other serious health concerns. Now there is also Lunasin – mostly researched for cancer- 80 studies published about cancer results. You can go to to read more. Ultimately, there is nothing in the world like this and God has led these researchers to uncover what He created from the beginning. I’m not a scientist – just a messenger who wants to pass this hope onto those who need what Reliv has. Would you like to connect with people who has already found answers to their cancer story? They have no gain to help others, just want to pay forward the gift that was given them. You can see my website to read about the scientists and see brief videos on testimonials – for specific info related to cancer see the lunasin site and let me know if you want to talk with other Christians who have had dramatically life changing results with cancer. We have calls every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday specifically for people going through cancer. I’d be privileged to help in any way. God bless and keep you both. Your sister in Christ, Cheri Otzenberger

    1. Really appreciate you reaching out Cheri! We forwarded this information to Howard and Beverly for you. God Bless 🙂

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