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Landon Dayton

Forty years ago the phone rang before dawn.  When I answered it, the caller quoted the first part of Isaiah 9:6, “For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us.” It was our attorney with the great news that the baby we hoped to adopt had been born. Matthew Dayton had come into our family.

This weekend, Matthew and his wife received their own phone call. They had been told by the adoption agency that they could expect waiting from 8 to 18 months before a child would be available for them to adopt. But the Lord had something else in mind. Nine days after submitting the papers for adoption, their newborn son was ready for them to pick up from the hospital!

Soooo, it has been a crazy busy weekend of getting the room ready, diapers, and PJs. And it’s been a fantastic time of rejoicing at the goodness of the Lord. Ephesians 1:5 reveals, “He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself.”

Everyone who knows Christ as their personal savior, is a member of God’s family . . . we’ve be chosen, we’ve been adopted into His family.

We would be grateful if you would join us in praying for Landon; praying that he would come to know Christ as a young person and grow to follow Him with all of his heart all the days of his life.

Warmly in Christ,
Howard Dayton

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  1. Welcome baby Landon to the Dayton family…love to all. Especially to new mom and dad

  2. Congratulations to you and Mrs. Dayton on becoming grandparents again, and to Matthew and his wife on welcoming Landon into their lives! It’s a wonderful legacy with the decision you and Beverly made and now years later the decision your son and his wife has made. May God bless Landon and his family! And, I’ll be looking forward to hearing stories about Landon on MoneyWise!

  3. Howard and Bev,
    We rejoice with you in the arrival of Landon, Matt’s son and your grandson! We join in your prayer that Landon would receive the love of Christ through your entire family and be drawn to Him as all of you have been. Matt, having been adopted and raised by you, is the best evidence that the permeating love of Jesus, when given from caring parents, accomplishes its goal. I marveled at his outstanding qualities long before I knew he was you child. Then the Lord brought us together through our ministries and I found out you were Matt’s parents. It was clear the Lord was with you while raising Matt and will be with Matt while raising Landon. Praise God!
    Chip and Dawn Clark
    FROG Ministries

  4. Congrats and God bless! Adoption is one of the greatest manifestations of selfless love since God adopted all believers as his sons and daughters even after we had rejected his first offer.
    I know many who would gladly adopt if the financial cost wasn’t so outrageous. And many who would be willing to help defray the expense if there was a way to connect. Any ideas?

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