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Bridging the Wealth Divide

Ken Battles is an extraordinary person by any measure. In Orlando, he was the last employee (out of 3,500) still working for a Fortune 500 Company that went through a series of downsizings and mergers! His latest assignment involves leading a global team responsible for an IT security service utilized by 55,000 employees of a large multi-national company.

More impressive is Ken’s love for Christ and his heart to serve. He founded Compass African-American Ministries which focuses on helping African-American churches and organizations teach God’s way of handling money, love and leadership.

Ken and I agree that the wealth divide in our country is real and exists between various segments of the population: rich and poor, male and female, and ethnic groups. The perspective on the cause, impact and solution for the wealth divide often varies because of political affiliation, race and gender.

The government, business, education and the church all should play a role in addressing the wealth divide. But the foundation for genuine change is only found in God’s word. Hundreds of members have completed the Compass small group study at Ken’s home church—Antioch MB Church. Look at the survey results of their Compass graduates:

  • 81% reduced debt
  • 69% increased savings and giving
  • 100% are making better spending decisions
  • 94% have a closer relationship with God
  • 62% are serving more in ministry

Ken says, “These results can be replicated anywhere and the wealth divide reduced because the heart change will cause:

  • Acknowledgement of God’s ownership and control
  • Spirit-led giving, spending and saving decisions
  • Understanding why we must work hard
  • Understanding why employers must treat employees fairly
  • Understanding why employees should honor their employer
  • Creation of jobs that pay a living wage
  • More concern for the poor
  • More generous giving and funding the Great Commission
  • Less hoarding of wealth

Ken Battles is uniquely qualified to use his experience and love for Christ to help the African-American church reduce the wealth divide. Contact him at

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