Urgent prayer needed for Nepal

Dear Friend,

As the news has been reporting, the country of Nepal experienced a shattering 7.8 earthquake that left thousands dead or missing. When I first learned of the tragedy, I emailed our Compass India Director, Richard Samuel, to learn about the safety of Johnson Samuel who has often traveled to Nepal the past two years.


Here was Richard’s return email: “He is actually right there and he barely escaped……God has been faithful. The house he stayed in the previous day is gone now. But this may be the opening the Gospel needs for moving forward…… we will keep you posted.”


Here’s what I know about Nepal from our Compass newsletter last year:


It’s a country with a population of 27 million that’s dominated in the north by the Himalayan range with eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, including the highest point on earth, Mount Everest. The annual per-capita income is only $1,000, and travel is very difficult, so there are many needy Nepalese.


Until the 1990s, Nepal was the only official Hindu nation in the world. Today it’s a secular state with relative freedom of religion. There are now an estimated 375,000 followers of Jesus, as Nepalese Christians have been faithful in sharing the good news of Christ with their countrymen.


Johnson Samuel, COO of Compass India, has pioneered introducing Compass to church leaders in Nepal. The first training was attended by 60 pastors, some walking two days from the mountainous north to learn God’s way of handling money.


Please join us in praying for safety of the Nepalese and Johnson Samuel! Also pray for the Lord to provide the necessary food, water, medical care and housing for the people of this great country. And may the Lord use this difficult time to open many hearts to receive Jesus Christ as their savior.


Johnson and Compass India have been funding their Compass missionary effort without support outside of India. If you would like to help this effort financially, contact us at 800-525-7000 or visit www.compass1.org and click on Donate and designate the gift to Compass India.


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