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Our Challenging Journey With Cancer

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First, I want to thank the many of you who have been praying for my wife, Bev, in her challenging journey with cancer. It is impossible for us to thank you adequately! Periodically, I will bring you up to date on her progress.


A little history for those of you who are not aware of her cancer. About four years ago Bev had a double mastectomy, and six months later we discovered the cancer had spread to her spine and hip. Thankfully, twice she has been in remission. Three weeks ago we went to see her oncologist (who we really like) to learn the results of her recent CAT scan and bone scan. When he came in he said, “I have really bad news. You are no longer in remission. The chemo pill is no longer effective, and the bone cancer has spread to your scapula (shoulder blade) and your skull. The good news is that it hasn’t spread to any soft tissue or the organs.”


They immediately installed a port in her chest so that she could begin receiving chemo intravenously. There have been very uncomfortable, even painful, side effects from the chemotherapy. As I’ve said before, she is the most courageous person I’ve ever met. She completely trusts in Christ and His ability to heal. Our family has been overwhelmed with a strong sense of God’s peace, and we are certain it is answer to the prayers of God’s people.


Here are our prayer requests: (1) that the Lord would heal Bev of the bone cancer. Specifically, just as in , He healed King Hezekiah from a mortal illness and gave him 15 years of life, that the Lord would give her at least 15 years of life. (2) that Bev would continue to be an encouragement to so many as she shares her faith in Jesus.

 Love in Christ,

 Howard Dayton

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  1. Howard and Bev, first I believe in the healing powers of Jesus. I, myself, have received life again from Him when the doctors said I was done, 21 years in fact. Second, I have witnessed healings in so many of my personal friends there is no doubt. Third, praising God in the middle of this crisis is when it is the sweetest to Him and the most compelling to those who do not believe…not to mention building Faith in us who do! And the best for last…your relationship with Jesus is at its apex when you rely on Him daily for each and every breath, and because of your illness your awareness of this relationship is acute. Dawn and I pray for your healing, we pray for your continued praise to be glorifying to the Lord, we pray for your family to be built up and sustained with Peace through the Holy Spirit, in the Name of Jesus we pray. Amen!

  2. Prayers for pain free years to come. My heart breaks for your family to be dealing with this horrible disease, my family too has been hit hard by breast cancer. Thank you for your faithfulness to God in developing the study that set my husband and I on the right path early in marriage. We are forever grateful.

  3. In the mighty name of Jesus, I humbly appeal to you , Jehovah Rapha on behalf our sister Bev Dayton; grant her a miraculous healing and many long prosperous years.
    In Christ Jesus I pray, Amen.



  4. Bev, I am so proud of your courage and strength. You are such an amazing woman, with the love of Christ shining through!

    Howard, you are such a wonderful man of faith! Prayers continue to be with you for strength and love, to continue to support your beautiful wife.

    May God Continue to Bless You, Both.

    Love Always,

    Jen, Dexter, Charlotte, & Shelby

  5. Praying for you both! I just reading last night about Hezekiah’s prayer, 15 more years Lord because there is nothing impossible for you!

  6. Prayer is a powerful thing… I too have Metastic Breast Cancer- diagnosed last November- at diagnosis it was already metastasized to bone. I had a complete hip replacement because my hip was near breaking. I also have two ribs and collarbone affected. I am 42, and I’m a teacher. I teach everyday and never give up! Gods grace is always sufficient! Tell your wife to keep fighting- give God the glory and follow His plan! Love meeting fellow Christ lovers and fighters!

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