Selection & Association

In the past, I had the privilege of helping our local Young Life Area with training and recruiting of leaders from within the community. When I was asked to help, the first book I pulled was The Master Plan of Evangelism as it has been a great resource for me in working with our staff in Compass. Every time I read it, something new sticks out to me. Here are some thoughts from chapters 1 & 2 regarding Selection and Association.

  •  People were to be Jesus’ method to winning the world to God.
  •  Jesus chose people who were faithful, available and teachable. Jesus can use anyone who wants to be used.
  •  Jesus “did life” with the disciples. He was intentional about spending quality time with them. His daily routine involved being with the disciples.
  • He regularly met with the disciples in a small group setting to have discussions, answer questions, and bring clarity to the day’s events and teachings.

These characteristics are probably something you already know or have heard before, but so often they get lost in the hustle and bustle of the world. We have so many different technologies, tools and strategies that, sometimes, we forget about the simplicity of taking the time and being intentional with people. I know I do.

I pray that you will experience the simplicity of Jesus over this next week and that it will overflow into everything God has called you to!

God Bless,


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