The Principle of Pause

I spent weeks going through a devotional called Devotions for Lent by Bible Mosaic. I didn’t know much about this devotional before getting it. (It was free on Kindle, so I thought I’d give it a shot.) I wasn’t disappointed. The Lord used it several times to speak to, challenge and encourage me. One challenge and affirmation related to the subject of fasting and the many ways one can fast.

I have found that fasting can essentially be an “extended pause.” Regardless of how long the fast is, its purpose is to draw us closer to the Lord, to put us in a position to hear His small, still voice and to allow Him to lead and guide us.

One of the things we teach people to do before making any “major” financial decisions is to pause before making a purchase. This helps to eliminate impulse buying and instant gratification. It puts us in a position to allow the Lord to guide and direct us before making purchases, to help differentiate wants and needs. It has been a great exercise that Danielle and I have learned to practice over time.

The expectations of instant gratification don’t react well to the denial of self. But it is when we give up a “perceived” necessity that we are able to see God reveal Himself to us in remarkable ways. I have seen this many times as Danielle and I have paused when making decisions, waiting for the Lord to either give us clarity or put us on the same page. The Lord has protected us many times through applying the “principle of pause” in our lives and has used this practice to draw us closer to Him and each other. I would encourage you to give it a shot the next time you sense you are in a position to make a major decision that is driven by impulse, instant gratification or lack of clarity.

God Bless,

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