Compass Blog Relaunch!!!

With 2022 officially underway, here at Compass – finances God’s way, we’re starting anew. 

Starting Monday, January 3, we’re relaunching the Compass Blog! You’ll regularly get Compass’ spiel on what the Bible has to say about money, such as debt, saving, investing and giving. But you’ll also get our take on the other matters of life just as important, if not more so, such as salvation and our relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior.

In this blog, you’ll hear from a few of us on the Compass team: Compass Global CEO, Brandon Sieben, founding board member for Compass Australia, Gwenda Jayawardhana, and of course, our founder and chairman, Howard Dayton, just to name a few.

And on Monday, we’re talking about how to start the new year right by getting your finances in order…

Melody Kerr, Managing Editor


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