We’re Making Financial Disciples in 2 New Countries!

Editor’s Note: We’re already through the first quarter of 2022, and God has done amazing works through Compass – finances God’s way. He has opened up paths for financial discipleship to expand to a new continent! But I won’t spill all the good news. Instead, Nick Breach, who serves as the vice president of Global Field Operations here at Compass, is here to share about what the Lord is doing in two countries he recently visited… – Melody Kerr

In 2019, Global Trust Partners, which helps churches and ministries build trust and grow in generous giving, introduced us to our partners in Egypt. In 2021, through the generous support of The Father’s Table Foundation, an organization that helps meet the needs of women and children worldwide, Compass – finances God’s way Ghana was formed. 

Since, our global team has been working with the leadership in Ghana and Egypt to build Financial Discipleship and train financial discipleship leaders. 

The immediate fruit during my visit was overwhelming…

In Ghana, 330 individuals, including a circuit court judge, business school lecturers, pastors-in-training, church members and married couples learned about Financial Discipleship. Ten couples were trained in Money & Marriage, and 25 Financial Discipleship leaders, including Ghana’s management team, were trained to facilitate the Building Your Finances God’s way small group study. 

SunnyFM broadcast a morning interview discussion with Compass Ghana Executive Director Ivy Mawuko on what we get right and wrong with money to over 150,000 listeners. And with its reach spanning 32 countries, the Africa Baptist Convention Satellite TV Network rebroadcast a Rehoboth Baptist Church pastor’s Financial Discipleship sermon.

In Egypt, we trained 35 Financial Discipleship leaders on how to multiply using the Financial Discipleship book. After recently translating Compass’ Five-Minute Finances videos into Arabic, the Egypt partner leadership team has kicked off a project to translate the Building your finances God’s way financial discipleship study into Arabic.

Haggai International and Cru, both organizations that seek to spread the Gospel and connect people with Jesus Christ, are looking to adopt the Financial Discipleship book into leadership training. And Think & Do, an Egypt-based nongovernmental organization that helps alleviate poverty, sent its leaders to the Financial Discipleship Leader training.

I continue to provide oversight for the Ghana and Egypt teams to pray, encourage them and continue to move each of these opportunities forward as the Lord decides.

We are praying for God’s wisdom and provision in distributing the message of Financial Discipleship in this area where many cannot read or prefer to learn orally. And one of our main focuses is discipling our leaders in these countries through the One More leadership multiplication program and extending the reach of Compass finances God’s way into Nigeria, Africa’s largest population, and farther.

Join us in praying for the Lord to continue to help us raise up and equip Christ-Centered leaders to follow Jesus (Matthew 4:19), make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20), and glorify God by modeling and multiplying finances God’s way in their own life and in the lives of others. 

I thank the Lord for the leaders in these countries and the organizations and partners that have helped extend Financial Discipleship’s impact. It’s all for His glory.

In Christ,

Nicholas Breach

VP of Global Field Operations


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