The Key to Survive and Thrive

There is a great deal of concern about not only the American economy, but the economies of much of the world. 

The Russian war with Ukraine, inflation, government spending and unsustainable debt, rising interest rates, questions of access to oil and gas, etc.

At the risk of being misunderstood by some, I want to share an experience that has fueled my passion to help people learn and apply God’s way of handling money. 

The year was 1977, and I was at home alone when suddenly I was overcome by the Spirit of God. 

I found myself prostrate on the floor, weeping, as the Lord unmistakably and powerfully revealed to me that during my lifetime our nation would experience economic upheaval and a very, very difficult time. 

God didn’t show me when this will occur or what it will be like, but there is no doubt that it will happen.

The financial crisis of 2007-2009 and the coronavirus pandemic that engulfed the entire globe made it clear that the economies of the world are more fragile than most people imagine. 

So, what should you do to survive—and even thrive—in the coming economic storm?

Simply be diligent in your efforts to apply what you’ve learned from the Bible about handling the resources the Lord has entrusted to you. [Our financial discipleship studies can be one of the first steps you take to learn how.]

In short, become a faithful steward. One of the best ways to demonstrate your love for your family and friends is to encourage them to do the same.

Personally, I still have no clue when this very challenging time the Lord revealed to me will slam our country. But this much I am sure of: as challenging as it will be, it will also be a priceless opportunity to share food and shelter with others and tell them the good news of how they can come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

In Love,

Howard Dayton



Howard is the founder of Compass—finances God’s way and author of five books and six small group studies. He graduated from Cornell University and served two and a half years as a naval officer. But after a business partner challenged him to study the Bible to discover what God teaches about handling money, Howard’s life was profoundly changed. Since beginning in ministry, he has served as a full-time volunteer and has led more than 75 small groups. Howard married Beverly in 1971, and had two children and four grandchildren before she went Home to be with the Lord. In 2019, Howard remarried. He and his wife, Lynn, reside in Central Florida and Charleston, South Carolina.

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