The Beauty in What’s Left

November is coming to a close. And we know what that means… Less than 30 days until we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, God’s gift to the world.

Christmas inspires this season of giving each year. But if you’re anything like me, you may have had something (or some things) deter you from giving this year.

Inflation, job loss, illness, car trouble… A lot can happen at what seems to be the worst time. And then, plans change and priorities have to be re-ordered. 

For me, that certainly was the case… until a week ago…

At church, one of our pastors preached on “releasing what remains.” 

It was based on the story of the Lord speaking to Elijah, directing him to a widow in Zarephath of Sidon (1 Kings 17:9-15). He told Elijah that the woman would sustain him. 

When Elijah met the woman and asked for bread, she said she only had enough flour and oil to make bread for her and her son, and then die. But because of what the Lord told Elijah, he insisted she use what she had left but to bring him a piece of bread first, then take the rest for her and her son.

She did exactly what Elijah said, and because of that, she and her son had enough to eat for many days afterward…

It can be hard to think about others when our circumstances look bleak. But sometimes, if, against our better judgment, we are obedient to the Spirit and use what we have left for others, that’s the moment our circumstances change. 

When we’re willing to do the difficult, God is ready to do the impossible. 

After hearing this message from my pastor, I felt compelled. 

It’s not always convenient to be available to others, especially when we have our own needs to worry about. 

It’s easy to fall back into “safe mode” and do everything possible to conserve what’s left for my family. But I think I’m starting to get it: God isn’t looking for us to be led by convenience; He’s looking for us to be led by willingness.

Giving is more blessed than receiving (Acts 20:35). But sometimes we feel like we cannot give, because we don’t have much left. 

It’s not about quantity, though. It’s about quality.

As we embrace this season of giving, whether it be monetary, service, time, or even love, let’s challenge ourselves to seek the power and beauty in what we have left—and be willing to release it. 

With gratitude,

Melody Stampley

Managing Editor


Melody is the founder of financial coaching business Centsible Finance LLC, which publishes the free e-letter Making Cents. She earned a bachelor’s in public relations from the University of Florida in 2014, and a master’s in global strategic communications from Florida International University in 2017; but she discovered her passion in personal finance and writing, as well as a closer relationship with the Lord, after joining a Compass – finances God’s way study in 2020. She now serves as a volunteer on the Compass Florida board, is the editor for the Compass blog, and a facilitator and trainer for financial discipleship studies. Melody and her husband, Nate, live in South Florida.