Exciting Changes to the Compass Leadership Team

As we approach the end of the year, we are grateful for all the Lord is doing through Compass.23. We have momentum, we are growing, and we are blessed with a phenomenal team. Praise God!

  • We now have over 200 resources to help others learn and apply finances God’s way and are in the best position we’ve been to serve everyone, everywhere.
  • We are multiplying with new partners, new customers, and new countries around the world.
  • Our family of supporters is growing and is excited about our vision and progress.
  • We are seeing a transformational impact on families, churches, businesses, and communities, as we do our part to equip them to glorify God through their finances and find the eternal freedom found only in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Glory to God!

Our progress over the past five years is due to our committed team of leaders, staff, affiliates, and volunteers. Thank you for all you do! As a result, we have the infrastructure and capability needed to serve the market with excellence and are developing strong leaders to lead others in their financial discipleship journey. To ensure we have the foundation for long-term vitality, growth, and sustainability we also created a continuity plan over the last several years. These steps have been important for Howard Dayton, Compass Founder, and we are now prepared to take the next step in our evolution.

It is with this in mind we are excited to share three leadership changes coming in 2024:

1. Effective January 1st, Howard will transition from Chairman of the Board to focus on his Board Directorship, Author, and Study Leader responsibilities. Currently, Howard is writing a biography and a booklet on handling money God’s way in a crisis, and we do not see him slowing down any time soon! His relationship with the Lord is unparalleled and will continue to set the tone for all Compass does. It is through his Christ-Centered leadership we are empowered to advance our vision to see everyone, everywhere manage their finances God’s way.

2. Brandon Sieben will transition from his current CEO role and become Chairman of the Board. We are excited to see Brandon add his expertise to the Compass Board, where he will also provide leadership to help Compass enhance partner and supporter relationships. Brandon’s business background, years of mentoring by Howard, and his time as Compass CEO uniquely position him to succeed in his new role.

3. COO Brian Holtz has accepted the CEO position. His heart for the Lord, time as Compass COO and as a Pastor, and his leadership experience, make him well-suited to lead Compass. As COO, Brian was responsible for ministry operations, making a significant impact while positioning us for the future. His working relationship with Brandon goes back over a decade and provides for a one-of-a-kind opportunity between the CEO and Board of Directors.

Please join us in encouraging Howard, Brandon and Brian in their new roles and praying for continued wisdom and guidance from the Lord. We are excited about our future and all God has planned for Compass!

In Christ,
Your Compass Leadership Team

2 thoughts on “Exciting Changes to the Compass Leadership Team

  1. Congratulations Compass Family, what excitingly great news to hear about your continued work in the earth in partnership with our Great King of Kings.

    1. Thank you so much, Marilyn! Praise be to God for how He leads us. God Bless.

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