Glorify God. Increase Joy. Live Free to Serve Him.

Helping you learn, apply, and multiply what the Bible says about money and possessions.

Financial discipleship

Becoming a Financial Disciple is more than getting on a budget, getting out of debt, or increasing savings or giving. It is a journey of growing in daily surrender to God’s ownership, His Lordship and our alignment to His authority over all we have been entrusted.

If you are ready to glorify God, experience increased joy and live free to serve Him as a fully devoted disciple of Jesus Christ, then you are ready to grow on your Financial Discipleship journey!

Helping you thrive on your financial discipleship journey

Compass – finances God’s way is here to help you learn and apply God’s word on money and possessions to your life and multiply His truth into the lives of others.

Biblical Foundations

Anxious about your financial situation? Feeling uneasy about your use of worldly wealth? Do you really trust God to provide? One of the first steps to thriving in your financial discipleship journey is to learn what the Bible says about money.

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