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Maverick and JuLee

Maverick andJuLee

As a Quality Engineer, I made a very good salary which allowed JuLee to be a stay-at-home Mom. With a small house, one car, and “manageable” debt we felt we were doing everything right. Then, through one of the Compass studies, we learned what the Bible said about finances and started applying the principles right away. We had some ups and downs but God was so faithful providing a way to be debt-free, including the home mortgage in only eight years! God has truly blessed us as we sought to obey His words; all of them, especially those dealing with finances. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity share with many others God’s financial principles, including our kids. Now as adults they have no other debt beyond their home mortgage. We’re so grateful for Compass and the impact it’s had on our family’s legacy. -Maverick & JuLee

Pastor Brad & Andrea

When we learned what the Bible said about money in the Compass Study (now the 9 week Navigating Your Finances God’s way) we began a journey of living on a spending plan and paid off all debts including our mortgage in only 7 years! Four years after becoming totally debt-free, the company where I (Brad) worked cut all salaries more than 25%. Many colleagues their sold homes or declared bankruptcy and some even divorced their spouses. Staying faithful to what we learned about through the Compass study, God carried us through those rough times. We serve in ministry today, having learned by experience that the most long-lasting fruit comes from those taking this study and not what I have taught them from the podium. -Pastor Brad & Andrea

Kyle & Danielle

We went through the financial small group study by Howard Dayton (now the 9 week Navigating Your Finances God’s way) in 2001 that significantly impacted our lives. First, it made us realize God’s ownership of everything and resulted in a more intimate relationship with Him. The freedom we experienced was amazing! Financially, we wanted to dramatically increase our giving and set a 5-year goal to pay off the house we had just purchased. With God’s help we did both…gave generously and saw the house paid off in 4 years and 3 months! The last 17 years, the Lord has allowed us to increase our giving every year, even when we transitioned to another ministry and did not receive a salary for 7 months. Although this was challenging, finances didn’t dictate God’s calling on our lives. We had the privilege to adopt two beautiful and amazing kids, purchased a new home for our growing family (with cash!) and been able to host others with need in our community for weeks or months at a time. Can’t imagine what life would look like if we had not learned Gods financial principles in the Compass study! –Kyle & Danielle

Nick & Julie

Before the Compass study (now 9-week Navigating Your Finances God’s way) we had more than $500,000 in debt. Our lives were full of anxiety, discontentment and unfulfillment pursuing a lifestyle well above our income level. The Compass study and the Compass Money Map put us on a course to give generously, reduce spending and eliminate all debt in 15 years. We started the journey of being “faithful in little” and then we watched the Lord miraculously provide, helping us eliminate a half a million dollars of debt in less than 7 years! No telling where we’d be today if we not taken the Compass study. –Nick & Julie

Ken and Sharon

The most significant impact in taking the Compass study (now 9-week Navigating Your Finances God’s way) was it led me (Ken) to surrendering my life to Jesus Christ and having a personal relationship with Him! Every relationship, especially our marriage of 38 years was dramatically transformed as a result. Coming into it, we thought this would just be another tool to learn how to be better money managers, but God had so much more in mind! It was a Christ-center, bible-based, prayer-driven and discipleship-focused study where each week God’s word continued to reveal a new path for us. It was the catalyst to reveal our true purpose, changed the trajectory of our lives, and gave us sense of peace and contentment that only God could provide. – Ken and Sharon