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I spoke recently at a leadership forum on the topic of humility. My contribution at the forum was to give practical suggestions on how to live in humility. To say the least, it was the last topic I wanted to speak on. It’s OK to have others use you as an example but it is very uncomfortable to speak about yourself, especially under the heading of humility!

Although that was my initial reaction, I changed my mind after reading the only words Jesus himself used to describe himself found in Matthew 11:29. “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls”. If you are like me, you desire to be like Jesus. In fact Paul in Ephesians 5 indicates that we should be imitators of God!  How does one get to the place where others refer to them as ‘gentle and humble at heart?

As my friend Boyd Bailey so eloquently puts it. “Humility is a demeanor dependent on the Lord. Gentleness and humility lubricate the relational machinery of a home or enterprise. Gentleness is aggression under the control of the Holy Spirit, and humility is courage that is first committed to Christ.”

Humility is not something that comes with a unique formula or process to attain it; it is awareness that God’s standards of conduct are different and that humility is a condition of the heart!

Phil 2:5 States that ‘our attitude should be the same as that of Jesus Christ who was truly God but did not try to remain equal with God. Instead he gave up everything and became a slave when he became human like one of us. Christ was humble. He obeyed God by being willing to die for us on a cross.’

The move towards a humble approach normally starts with awareness that we are not living in a way that brings the most glory & honor to God. The awareness that this is what Christ was like and men like Moses were known for (Numbers 12:3), an awareness that has come through a rebuke about our arrogance or prideful behavior. Awareness, over time, that those who genuinely serve others get better results and tend to have better, more meaningful and lasting relationships!

For me, all of these scenarios were true. I realized ever so slowly that the life God wanted for me was one of submission to him (He is God & I m not!) and one that honors others by serving them. Both required dying to myself and adopting a new attitude of daily life. No longer desiring to be served but to seek opportunities to serve.

As a final thought: ‘You will know when you are living and leading like a humble servant because people will treat you like one!

However, you will know that your attitude is like that of Christ, when being treated like a servant doesn’t bother you!’

God Bless,

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Inside the Mind of Howard

Dick Wynn

On Saturday in Orlando, the memorial service for Dick Wynn was conducted. Dick was an amazing friend to literally thousands of people as well as a gift from God to our ministry. Because of his leadership, millions of people globally have learned what God says about money. He was diabetic and had both of his legs amputated, but that didn’t slow him down. But Dick didn’t just teach people, he recruited and mentored the leadership in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, China and India. His influence will continue for generations.

Dave Rae, Steve and Marcia Moore, Steve and Laura Petherbridge and Jan and Alet Strydom (from South Africa) all joined us at the service so it was a wonderful time of getting reconnected with long time friends from Crown. Please continue to pray for Dick’s widow, Janet, who is also an amazing person.

Compass Radio

Had an ISDN line installed in my closet at home! I know, you’re probably asking yourself: What is that? Well, it’s a special type of phone line that will allow me to actually participate in the MoneyWise radio program from our home in Orlando while Steve Moore does it from the studio in Georgia.  It’s will sound as if we are in the same room. This will be a lot more convenient than taking a trip every week up to Georgia to record. We selected the closet because it’s the quietest room in the house…lol.

I didn’t know that!

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me: When I was about 40, I learned that after 40 we lose about 1.5 % of our aerobic capacity and muscle mass a year, but if you exercise regularly, you can reduce the loss to half that amount. Soooooo…I try to walk for an hour at least 300 days a year and workout with light weights 3 times a week.

Pray you enjoy a terrific week . . .  Howard

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Awake My Soul

“In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die Where you invest your love, you invest your life”

-Mumford and Sons- “Awake My Soul”

I’ve never been much of a music guy. I like music and can appreciate a good song or artist, but it isn’t something I generally gravitate to. So when my best friend told me a few months ago about this new up and coming band, I humored him by listening to the album he had downloaded. The band was Mumford and Sons and the song was called “Awake My Soul”. I have no idea where this band is at spiritually but I can tell you that God used this song to speak to me in a great way.

Danielle and I had recently bought a new home and were unknowingly getting caught up in the whirlwind of “needing” new stuff to fill our home. The more we focused on the things we “needed” the less we focused on the one we truly needed. But God has incredible and unique ways of helping us focus or re-focus on Him. In this case He used my buddy Kevin, an I-pod and a song from a band very few folks had heard of (at that point). When I heard the lyrics “In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die, where you invest your love, you invest your life” I instantly felt a wave of conviction. It was time re-evaluate how and where we were spending our time and resources. We were trying to serve two masters and scripture is pretty clear about how that will turn out (Matthew 6:24).

This is why Compass- finances God’s way exists. To help people serve the one and true master. Just about everyone in our country is bombarded multiple times with the message of materialism on a daily basis. The only way I have been able to defeat materialism in my own life is through the application of God’s word- fixing my eyes on the eternal prize rather than the temporary things of this world. This is what the Compass Small Group studies do.

In a few weeks we will have two new small group  studies – Money & Marriage and Navigating Your Finances God’s Way. There is incredible life change that can take place when people are in a small group environment: being loved and cared for, studying and applying God’s word and faithfully praying for each other. The distraction of materialism doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon but we know that we have God’s word to combat it. I would encourage you to join the fight against materialism and help people (and yourself) experience the Lord in an incredibly intimate way by prayerfully planning on being a part of one of these small group studies.

In His grip of grace,


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New Studies and Update

Hey friends!

I’m saddened to say that Dr. Dick Wynn passed away, and his memorial service for the Orlando area is scheduled for this coming Saturday at 1 pm at Northland Church. At the service I’ll have the opportunity to share the amazing impact that this servant of God had on teaching people God’s way of handling money around the globe. The Lord used him to reach literally millions of people from South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Please pray for the Lord’s tenderness at this time for his equally amazing wife, Janet.

I’ve finished recording the notes for the Navigating Your Finances-God’s Way small group studies and I am almost finished recording the Money and Marriage God’s Way study notes as well. As soon as the recordings are edited, they’ll be available on the web site. The reasons we wanted to make the notes available to listen to are because so many people prefer to learn by listening rather than reading, and it’s a terrific way to reinforce what you’ve already read. (Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more information on each of these studies coming very soon.)

Bev and I recently moved to a home that’s only three miles from our son, Matt, and his wife, Michelle . . . . and did I mention from our first grandchild, Taliyah! Thankful we can be close to family and available as babysitters at a moment’s notice.

This week, Lord willing, I’ll be finishing up the editing of the Catholic Edition of the Navigating study, that Jon and Evelyn have been working on so hard.

God bless you!

Warmly in Christ,


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Those Who Make Things Happen

There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. 5 There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. 6 There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.

1 Corinthians 12: 4-6

Over the past year the Lord has been incredibly gracious in leading, guiding and directing Compass. There are many, many things to celebrate, but one of the most significant things for me is our staff.

The Lord has called incredibly gifted staff people to join us in our vision and mission. These folks are not just gifted in serving their local areas but also in serving the ministry as a whole. Our intent from the beginning of Compass has been to keep our Compass Service Center lean. We had no idea how we would accomplish this given all the personnel needs that would surface starting out and in moving forward. But the Lord did!

As staff from around the country answered God’s calling to join Compass, it became apparent that each staff person had unique gifts beyond their local areas. We have had a variety of folks who are experts in technology, human resources, coaching & mentoring, spiritual growth and development, and countless other areas.  Each of these staff people offered their area of expertise to serve Compass as a whole. The results have been incredible – here are some of the benefits we have seen from the Lord using this model:

  • Our Service Center can stay lean while functioning effectively
  • Relationships between the staff have grown incredibly deep over a short period of time
  • A culture of staff truly serving each other has been created
  • Our staff are operating and serving out of their gifted-ness and passion
  • The Lord has created a culture of thinking “outside of the box” fostering new ideas and practices

I am incredibly grateful for the Lord’s calling and provision of our staff. The gifts He has given them and their faithfulness and obedience to use those gifts will be a huge part of God transforming people’s lives through the ministry of Compass. And I can speak for all our staff when I say the transformed lives is not what we are about, it is all that we are about.

God Bless!

Kyle Hasbrouck

Vice President, Compass-finances God’s way

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Springing Forth

The verse that the Lord impressed on my heart when He led me to start Compass—finances God’s way is coming true.

Isaiah 43:18-19 says,

“Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder the things of the past. Behold, I [the Lord] will do something new, now it will spring forth. Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.”

A lot of things have been “springing forth” in the first quarter of 2011.

  • From Florida to California the Lord has continued to bring us godly and capable people to serve full-time with us in the USA field.
  • The Money and Marriage and Navigating Your Finances God’s Way small group studies are at the printers.
  • Compass India, a member of the Compass Global Alliance, just rolled out the Navigating small group study in English and the Tamil and Hindi translations are not far behind.
  • Crown decided that their ½ hour radio program was no longer part of their calling, so after prayer and seeking advice of key people in Christian radio, we launched MoneyWise on March 14th. God was good to bring my co-host, Steve Moore, back to serve as executive producer of the call-in program. We’ve had a blast getting it off the ground, and it is already carried by 315 stations and outlets. The Hey Howard one minute program is now carried by 1,096 stations and outlets.

I have a lot more to share with you, but I’ll save that for next week.

Deeply grateful for your prayers! Check out


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MoneyWise Press Release

Hopefully, you have already been listening to our brand new, call-in radio show, MoneyWise.  Please see the official press release and station list below, also check out our Facebook page for daily updates and important information.

From (direct link click HERE)

Howard Dayton and Steve Moore return with “MoneyWise”

LONGWOOD, FL – March 18, 2011 Howard Dayton, founder and CEO of Compass—Finances God’s Way ( has joined with radio veteran Steve Moore to launch a daily, 25-minute, nationally syndicated radio program.

MoneyWise is currently aired on nearly 300 outlets in North America, Canada, Guam and Greneda.

Fresh, relevant, and fun, MoneyWise features listener interaction, expert guests, and an unbridled passion for helping people manage their finances in a way which pleases God.

The program reunites Dayton and Moore, who were previously paired together on the broadcast, Money Matters and How to Manage Your Money.

“I am just so grateful to be back on the air with Steve Moore,” Dayton said. “My life’s passion is to teach others, from God’s Word, how to manage their money.  We have seen that a radio outreach, combined with our small group studies, is a great way to do that.”

Howard Dayton is the author of a dozen books including Your Money Map and Money and Marriage, God’s Way.  He was the co-founder of Crown Financial Ministries and founded Compass-Finances God’s Way in March 2010.  To learn more, visit, contact Kyle Hasbrouck at or call 407-331-6000.

For more information about MoneyWise, contact The Hibbard Group at or 609-678-0334.

To find a local station that is currently airing our program, please click here: MoneyWise Station List