Bill and Tersesa Wade

Bill and Teresa

In 2002, we were invited to participate in a small group Bible study on finances. Finances had never been a challenge for us, even though we didn’t make a lot of money. We were faithful in paying extra on our mortgage and never had any credit card debt. Even so, we were intrigued by what God’s word had to say about the topic.

As we started the study, we learned that God owns it all and we were just managers. During the class we signed a “Deed” surrendering all our possessions to the Lord. This simple exercise had a dramatic impact on our lives. A few days after completing the deed, Bill was in an accident that totaled the car. In the past, we may have been angry about losing “our” car, but we now understood this was God’s car and He was simply testing our faith!

Four weeks into the study we were driving home from the class, we looked at each other and said, “this is the ministry God wants us to serve with.” That fall we facilitated our first class.
We faithfully continued applying what we had learned as we taught others. We focused on paying off over $105,000 in auto loans and mortgage debt. On December 7, 2005 we reached our goal and became debt free, three years after taking our first class. This is a special date for us in more ways than one- it is also the anniversary of the day we first met. On that day we could have never imagined the journey God would take us on; changing our hearts, our finances and providing the opportunity to serve Him through Compass. – Bill & Teresa Wade