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Howard Dayton

Founder & CEO

Howard founded Crown Ministries in 1985 which merged with Larry Burkett’s Christian Financial Concepts in September 2000 to form Crown Financial Ministries. During his tenure as CEO, Crown became the world’s largest financial ministry teaching more than 50 million people in 80 countries. He served as host of the nationally syndicated radio programs, Money Matters, How to Manage Your Money and Ted and Tony.

Howard transitioned from the role of CEO at Crown and in 2009 founded Compass—Finances God’s Way. Compass’ primary focus is on teaching God’s financial principles through small group studies.

Howard married Beverly in 1971 and they have two children: Matthew (married to Michelle) and Danielle (married to Kyle Hasbrouck) and one grandchild. Howard and Beverly reside in Central Florida and have led 55 small groups.


Steve Moore

Executive Producer & Co-host, MoneyWise

Steve and his wife Marcia were both born and raised in Rochester, NY. After a brief career in the music industry Steve traded in his drum sticks for a microphone. Steve worked at several commercial and non-commercial radio stations (NPR) and then joined Larry Burkett at Christian Financial Concepts in 1985. The radio network grew from two hundred to over twelve hundred stations in just a few years with How to Manage Your Money and Money Matters being recognized with a number of national awards.

Steve remained as co-host and Vice-President of Broadcasting through the CFC/Crown merger in 2001 and Larry Burkett’s death in 2003. He then hosted the Money Matters program with Howard Dayton until 2007.

In the spring of 2011 Steve and Howard Dayton felt the time was right and that God was directing them to once again start a daily radio call-in program that would help people find practical and biblical ways to manage their resources.

Steve and his wife Marcia live in Gainesville, GA and have two grown children, Rachel and Patrick. He does occasional broadcast projects for other organizations and still has his drumsticks……just in case.

Kyle Hasbrouck


In 2001, Kyle married his wife,Danielle. They were both deeply impacted through their pre-marital counseling by a Crown Financial Ministries small group study. As they started applying God’s word on finances in their own lives, they began to see the ministry opportunities and the need to take this message of stewardship to others.

In 2004, Kyle felt a calling to join Crown Financial Ministries. From 2004- 2010 Kyle served as the Area Director for Northeast Florida, the District Director of Florida and Georgia and later as a Development Officer for the Crown home office.

In March of 2010, Kyle transitioned to Compass-finances God’s way to focus on bringing the message of stewardship to people through the life changing, small group experience. Kyle and Danielle continue to live in St. Augustine, Florida and he currently serves as the Vice-President for Compass-finances God’s way.  Kyle is a huge Florida Gators Fan.

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  1. Gentlemen, I need help with handleing huge credit card debt. Please help me.

  2. Hello Howard,
    I was listening to you on the radio and decided to check out you internet site. Notice that you had
    kidney stone problems and wanted to share that my sister an RN experience that event last year on
    New Years Day. Long story short, a friend RN of hers, told her about an herb that disolved four stones after she had already suffered thur a hospital procedure on the first of the five she had. Two
    of the stones were a half inch in width. Over a year later she is still taking the herb and has not had
    another attack. The name of the herb is chanca piedra, you may want to check it out. I always want
    to share things that might help others. God bless you and yours, Donna Walker

  3. Great talking and connecting with you and your people at Kingdom Advisors in Orlando. Praying for you and your ministry.

  4. I have heard on your show that you paid extra on your mortgage, i want to do that , however my wife does not understand what I explain to her, can you please explain it again , so I can have her read it. I want to do tha but she is very negative all the time. thanks louie

  5. I have a question about future planning I planed to be free from dedt but it just didn’t work out my question is I have built a home and own about 100 k the home is not finished completely but is worth about 800k whe finished now I make just enough to cover bills and taxes are really 75.00 per week what should I do sell or stay until I retire which is five years

    1. First, I would check to see what the income taxes would be if you sold now. If the taxes were not too much, if it were me, I would sell the home and buy something more affordable for cash and add to your savings.

  6. My daughter has 15 credit cards with a total amount of 20,000. We heard about Trinity Debt Management from Moody Radio and we would like your advise on this. She is a widower and struggling to pay her bills, car payment, and rent. Her debt accumulated during the three years her husband fighting cancer until The Lord Jesus called him home. She was left with no insurance and bills to pay. Please let us know your opinion or suggestion if she should go ahead and take the program offered by Trinity Debt management . Looking forward to hear advise before she makes her decision this week. Thank you and God bless your ministry helping people.

    1. I am not familiar with Trinity Debt Management. The debt managing non-profit company that we have referred people to for years is They used to be called Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Atlanta and Larry Burkett was on their board for years. They specialize is working with credit card debt. I would contact them as well to compare. Then pray for the Lord to guide her in making the best decision necessary for her family.

      Warmly in Christ,

      Howard Dayton

  7. Hi Steve! I have been enjoying your broadcast for many years with Howard and now Rob. Thanks for letting the Lord use you all so maginificently through this ministry. Just want to comment on the 4/20/17 broadcast. You mentioned that the Lilly Foundation is giving out grants to support ministers/pastors, but it is actually the Lilly Endowment. Both are great funding sources here in Indiana, but the Foundation is the corporate side giving (business profit and staff funded) with different funding initiatives, mostly local, and the endowment was funded directly by the Lilly family for local, state and national initiatives . Just wanted to provide some clarity for some of your listeners who might be interested in taking advantage of that wonderful program for our cherished ministers and pastors. Blessings and peace to you!

    1. Thanks so much for clarifying Monica 🙂

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