Books & Studies

Books & Studies

Compass – finances God’s way offers a wide selection of books and studies. Our studies are highly interactive, including prayer, reading, activities, reflection, and response sections making them great for one-on-one, in a group of three or four, or in larger groups of up to twelve people. We even offer free online study groups!

Our books are best used when learning by yourself or in open-discussion groups. While some offer study guides or questions for reflection, most do not have structured prayer, activity, or response sections.

All books and studies are available in both print and ebook formats, providing nearly identical features regardless of your preferred format.


Compass – finances God’s way is a global non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to teaching people what the Bible says about money and possessions, how to apply it, and how to replicate it in the lives of others.

Without the financial support of ministry partners like you, we wouldn’t be able to provide study guides and resources like these to help people walk closer with Christ, experience the freedom to serve Him, and fund the Great Commission.

Please consider donating to help make this available to more people, or become a monthly supporter and help us reach everyone, everywhere with God’s financial principles.