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Thoughts from a Bike Ride

I just finished a twenty mile bike ride on my new Land Shark. It is blue and white, I bought it used, and so far…I’m loving it! Recently Marcia caught me just staring at it in the garage. Then she kindly reminded me “not to make it an idol.” Yes, dear.

Steve and his Land Shark

I ride because I enjoy it, it helps keep my weight and cholesterol numbers in check and now that Lance Armstrong has retired…maybe team Radio Shack will call?

However, these days when I ride I also think about the time it takes and that the benefits it provides are only temporary. Regardless of how well I take care of my body, ultimately this shell has a limited lifespan. And the activity of bike riding (at least for me) has very little eternal value.

This week on MoneyWise, Howard Dayton and I were discussing leaving a legacy. A legacy is much more than just leaving an inheritance. It’s the statement you make after your death about your existence on the planet; what you accomplished, who you were, what was important to you and how you impacted the people and society around you.

But while you are still alive, there are two things that shout to the world who you are now; how you spend your time and how you spend your money. If you look at a person’s checkbook you can easily find out what is most important to them. It is just as Jesus said in Matthew 6:21, “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

So if keeping the electricity on at home is a priority you’ll see it right there in the ledger. If you value getting regular oil changes, there will be evidence of that. If you just had to have a new set of wheels to go with that new bicycle…that may be there as well.

So, I guess I’m starting to become more aware of my own mortality and the eternal things I am going to leave behind. And the best way to insure a legacy you’ll be proud of and God will be pleased with…is to manage well the only two things that we really have any control over, our time and our money.

Thankfully God has promised to help us manage both…just ask Him. “For if any man lacks wisdom let him ask of God, who gives to all men generously…” (James 1:5)

And call me if you’d like to go for a ride sometime.

Steve Moore


Steve Moore is the Executive Producer and Co-host of MoneyWise. For more information about Steve, please click HERE

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Watches and Warnings

One of the not-so-good things about living in this part of the south is the crazy weather…especially in the Spring. Several times this past month we have had tornado “warnings.” These are not to be confused with tornado “watches.” It’s taken me quite a few years to be able to keep from confusing the two, and it is important that you don’t. A warning means conditions are right for a tornado and a watch means there is one sighted in your area. If you were ever going to grab Toto and head for the storm cellar…now is that time. Except…in my area most homes don’t even have basements, let alone storm cellars. So, we head for the crawl space (where crawly things live) or we head for the only room without any external walls. Uh, that would be….the bathroom. If anything really bad were to ever happen, I know I’d be with Jesus in heaven. But at the same time, finding my body sprawled next to the toilet face down just isn’t the way I’d like to be found.

Like tornadoes, our financial condition also has warning signs. A warning might be bouncing checks on a regular basis and having to pay the overdraft fees that come with it. Another sign is regular heated discussions with your spouse over money and having to borrow money from relatives. A watch, meaning disaster may be imminent…is using credit cards to pay off other credit cards, having your car repossessed or having to turn up the volume on American Idol to drown out the sound of bill collectors calling.

Don’t ignore these signs in the same way people in my neck of the woods don’t ignore the weather siren! The same God who controls the weather also gave us all sorts of financial principles to live by. Such as:

  • Never co-sign for another’s loan
  • A wise man counts the cost before building a tower
  • Steady plodding brings prosperity
  • No one can serve two masters…you cannot serve both God and money
  • Instruct those in this present world not to be conceited or to fix their hope on the uncertainty of earthly riches.

And these are just a few. All Christians will face some storms in this life. Some of these are due to no fault of our own, such as illness or loss of a job. But many financial problems come about because we don’t plan, we don’t make wise choices, we aren’t content with what we have, or we just don’t know what God says about money.

The Bible doesn’t address every practical issue in life but in the case of money…God’s Word is replete with wisdom that will help you live a life of financial freedom and not financial bondage. We hear stories about this all the time on our radio program MoneyWise, and it really does make our day!

So keep your eyes and ears open for financial warning signs and….those pesky flying monkeys.

God Bless,

**Correction – A watch is when conditions are present to cause and event (hailstorm, tornado, flood, etc.). A warning is when the event is happening (it’s hailing, tornado is sighted and doing it’s business, the river is spilling over the banks)