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Chapter 1- Starting Well

Day Five Homework- Alan Barnhardt- God Owns Our Business

Recommended Resource- Stanley Tamm- God Owns My Business

Recommended Resource-  The Point of Creation Article John Piper

Chapter 2- Perspective

Day Five Homework- Jess and Angela Correll- God is Every Part of Your Life

Chapter 3- Crisis & Eternity

Day Five Homework- Francis Chan- Rope Illustration

Recommended Resource-  Never Give Up – Derek Redmond

Chapter 4- Generosity

Day Five Homework- Pete and Debbie Ochs- Jailhouse Generosity

Recommended Resource- Tom & Bree Hsieh- Into the Neighborhood

Recommended Resource- Randy Alcorn- God’s Money Manager

Chapter 5- Family & Wealth Transfer

Day Five Homework- Chet and Diana Steward- Trailers Behind the Hearse

Chapter 6- Finishing Well

Day Five Homework- Schindler’s List “Just One More”


Recommended Resource- David Wills- What God is Doing Around the World