Clayton and Jenny

Clayton and Jenny

Starting the Compass Study, we were excited to learn how to better manage our money, but it turned into much more than that.

We thought we were doing “okay” making ends meet, but this wasn’t the case- we were wasteful in our spending and missed a lot of opportunities to be generous. In fact, we realized we were actually stealing from God by not giving back what was His.

We started to see how our attitude towards money was making us hostile- and we didn’t like it! We decided to let go and surrender everything we “owned” to the Lord. This was a game changer!

We started managing our finances God’s way; seeking His will kept us accountable, forced us to see where we were falling short spiritually, and motivated us be faithful stewards. We even started faithfully using a budget!

We are grateful for this study and look forward to continuing to grow on this journey! – Clayton & Jenny