Compass Workshops

People In Your Church Are Suffering From Poor Financial Decisions

  • Despair & stress due to excessive debt
  • Fear & anxiety because of little or no savings
  • Shame & doubt due to bad financial choices
  • Depression & guilt caused by materialism & greed
  • Sadness & grief resulting from broken relationships due to money issues

At the end of the day it all stems from one root issue— Idolatry.

Compass Workshops are resources to introduce those who follow Christ to the joy of living financially free and dealing with the struggles they face at whatever level they face them.

With 90 minutes of material per workshop you have the option to split up or combined with other workshops. You will receive PowerPoint slides, complete presenter’s notes and audience handouts, in electronic and printable pdf format. While having access to supporting online resources, such as calculators, fillable forms and reference material!  Delivery can be accomplished by trained Compass instructors, through on-line webinars or by qualified lay persons or staff from your church.


Compass Workshop Library

God’s Part – Our Part Workshop

This workshop explores a biblical worldview of wealth and money and compares it with a secular worldview. It includes the foundation upon which biblical financial faithfulness is based. We discover God’s principles on debt, spending, saving, giving, planning, and counsel and other money related issues that provide a biblical foundation for our financial journey.
This workshop will benefit everyone regardless of their financial situation and season of life. It is for all that are committed to following Christ in all areas of their lives including finances.

Goals and Plans Workshop

This workshop presents an easy to follow step-by-step plan based on the Compass MoneyMap which takes you through the different destinations on your financial journey. In addition to discussing and setting up goals we look at different plans, like debt repayment plans, saving and investing plans that will be integral parts of our financial journey. One of the plans we look at is developing a Spending Plan (Budget) which is vital in completing your financial journey.
This workshop is designed for those on all stages of their financial journey. The earlier you understand and apply these truths the smoother your journey will be. This provides an opportunity to see first-hand how to apply God’s principles in handling your money.

Money Matters in Marriage

This biblical based workshop provides encouragement to couples who desire to grow closer together as they learn God’s design in handling their finances. Since money is the number one cause of broken marriages in America, the workshop will provide hope for couples who want to learn their individual financial roles as husband/wife in a marriage relationship. It will also help couples improve their communication about money.

The workshop covers a proven plan for each couple to follow on their financial journey through life. It is designed for couples who are contemplating marriage as well as those who are in their first 15 years of married life.

Preparing Your Treasures for Eternity

This workshop is designed to help in the organization of financial matters both from an earthly and eternal perspective. We will discuss attitudes towards our possessions, loved ones, as well as financial decisions for leaving a legacy. On the practical side we discuss preparation and organization of important documents such as wills, insurances policies and other legal agreements that will affect those who remain after our home going.
This workshop is designed for those in the mid to second half of their financial journey who desire to develop a biblical perspective on handling material possessions.

Retirement Workshop

This workshop looks at the retirement destination on your financial journey and defines it from a biblical perspective. We will look at the different stages of retirement and discuss some of the issues surrounding income, spending, debts and even scams faced in retirement. We also discuss preparing for those that will be left behind after our home-going.
This workshop is designed for those in retirement or within 15 years of retirement and will be of great value in understanding and preparing for retirement from a biblical worldview.