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The Online Small Group Study is designed to give you the incredible, life transforming experience of a small group from the convenience of your own device.

The content and tools of these studies are the same as those in our traditional studies, with the added flexibility of being in an online environment. You may choose to use the Compass eBooks or our printed materials, both will work equally well.

All you need is a high speed internet connection, a webcam (or built-in camera), and your favorite device to meet in a virtual room.

There is no charge to use the system beyond the cost of study materials.

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Financial Discipleship: Biblical Truth and Eternal Outcomes

Compass Global CEO Brandon Sieben speaking at the recent Christian Stewardship network (CSN) conference.

Brandon Sieben, President and CEO of Compass – finances God’s presented recently at the Iron Sharpens Iron – A Man and his money Summer Event. In this video, Brandon unpacks what it means to see Financial Disciples Multiplied. Watch as Brandon provides 5 calls to action to multiply financial disciples, to encourage us to say “put me in coach, give me the ball, I’ll get this fixed and then make it my mission to help others to do the same for the rest of my life until the job gets done.”

What’s the job Brandon is talking about?  Jesus gives us 3 jobs to do in life – Follow Him, Make Disciples, and give God the glory.  This is no different when it comes to money.  Brandon will equip you in the area of money and possessions to follow Jesus, make disciples and glorify God looking through the filter of Jesus’ commands in Matt 4:19 and the Great Commission.  You’re going to learn truth (from God’s word), clarity (from Jesus’ commands), and empowerment (to Finish Well in this super important area of your life).

Are you clear what God says about money and what He expects from you?  Are you getting the job done and are you willing to stake your “forever future” on it?  Are you multiplying what He’s given you into the lives of others?  What steps can you take to be sure you’re on the right side of the conversation the day you meet Jesus (and not only you, but your wives, kids, grandkids, and your future generations long after you’re gone).  What if?  Will you?  Are you ready to make a different kind of impact for Christ, yourself and the Kingdom?  Answers to these questions and others are the essence of financial discipleship.

Watch now to learn more.

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