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Regardless of where we are on the financial and age spectrum, we all face unique financial challenges.

Unfortunately, church leaders are rarely equipped to provide biblical solutions to navigate those challenges.

The Financial Discipleship & GenerosityTM Membership Platform assists church leaders in transforming the financial perspective and maturity of their people. Churches we’ve worked with see significant life change and lasting results in their members’ lives.

The Problem

Many of your people wrestle with one or more of these challenges: Poor financial management, worrisome debts, insufficient giving, discontentment, lack of awareness of God’s 100% ownership, marriage troubles caused by money, love of money, materialism, greed, worrying, cheating, stealing, stinginess, longing to be rich, being rich and not knowing why, misplaced trust, fear of the future…

The Solution

Compass-finances God’s way, the global leader in training church leadership to WIN the battle against the power that money has over the heart of men and women, is launching the: Financial Discipleship & GenerosityTM Membership Platform.

  • Comprehensive expertise, tailored assessments & solutions
  • Access to our global best practices & tools
  • Training by expert leaders and pastors
  • Community with other member churches
  • Exclusive Discounts & benefits with our trusted partners

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