Financial Discipleship 101

Financial Discipleship 101

Grow on Your Journey

Luke 6:47-48 teaches us that learning and applying God’s Word in our life is the key to building a solid foundation.

God has a lot to say about money and you’ll find all kinds of bible-based content that will help you build a solid foundation for your Financial Discipleship Journey. Use these tools and resources to help you learn, apply and multiply God’s word in the area of money and possessions.

Help Others

The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 makes it clear that as you learn and apply what the Bible says, you should help others do the same. 

These 101 tools are designed to be easily shared with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else you think would benefit from learning what God has to say about money. Share a video, text a link, or grab a cup of coffee with a friend and discuss a devotional. Easy to use and highly impactful!

Five Pillars of Financial Discipleship

These 3-5 minute videos teach on the five foundational pillars of financial discipleship and include a downloadable devotional for each topic.

The Bible
on Money

Over 35 topics on what the Bible says about money. These devotionals can help you learn, apply and multiply God’s word on money and possessions.

and Bolts

Each 1-2 minute video tackles a topic relating to what the Bible says about money in a tactical and practical way that’s fun, easy to learn and easy to share.


A variety of authors who write about living, applying and multiplying financial discipleship around the world. Subscribe to receive & share the weekly blog.

Five-Minute Finances

These short videos are fast, fun, and effective when it comes to learning what the Bible says about money and includes a downloadable devotional.


Our Online Webinars are a great way to start your financial discipleship journey. Invite your friends and family to join you in learning God’s word on finances.

You Version Reading Plans

Partnering with YouVersion, this series of short, topical Reading Plans helps you learn, apply, and multiply what the Bible says about money and possessions. 

Compass Books

These print and ebook resources allow you, with friends, family, and coworkers, to learn the Bible’s teaching on money and possessions at your own pace. 

Video Studies

Looking for a simple but effective course for your small group or Sunday School class? Our video studies offer God’s teaching on various topics in video format.