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God loves you and wants you to experience a more intimate relationship with Him. Finances can often distract us from this relationship. While on your journey you will learn what the Lord says about finances, apply His word in a practical way and grow closer to Him!


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You’ll have the opportunity to learn about specific topics related to finances including what God says about debt, saving, investing, ownership, giving and much more!


About the Author

As we get started on this journey through the Financial Freedom emails, I wanted to share with you a little bit about my story.

I am the son of a Ukrainian family, who grew-up in a Russian-speaking church, in an Italian neighborhood, in a Latin American country and am married to an American missionary who grew-up in Zimbabwe! How about that!

My wife, Rochelle, represents the fourth generation of missionaries and church-planters in her family. And I am the third generation of ministers in my family.

Our multi-cultural life experience helped us to serve the Latin American immigrant community in Chicago. God called us to minister for 10 years in one of the most violent neighborhoods in the inner-city. I also became the Administrator at the only Spanish-language Christian radio station in the city.

It was out of this experience as a church planter, a Senior Pastor, and a broadcaster that Compass Latino and The Institute for Financial Culture was born. What started humbly in a poor, inner-city neighborhood, today has grown to be the most influential Stewardship Ministry in Latin America.

I hope the lessons I’ve learned and taught regarding God’s role in finances and possessions will impact your life the same way they have impacted mine!