Five-Minute Finances

Five-Minute Finances

Our Five-Minute Finances videos and devotionals help you thrive on your Financial Discipleship Journey. These 3-5 minute topical videos are fast, fun, and effective when it comes to learning what the Bible says about money and possessions. Use them by yourself, with your family after dinner, your friends over coffee, or as a discussion platform for your Small Group at church (or whenever and wherever else God’s given you the opportunity to make Financial Disciples).

Each video also comes with an accompanying downloadable devotional to help you learn, apply, and multiply what is taught in each lesson. You can print your own copy, fill it out digitally (if filling out digitally, make sure you save it to your device before entering data…), and email it to your study partner(s).

the market place

finishing well

righting a wrong

To learn more about any of these topics, visit the Bible on Money or the Compass Blog.