Compass Financial Coach



What a Coach Does

  • Express and reflect the love of Jesus Christ to the person in need.
  • Listen to and share the appropriate biblical principles that apply to situations, encouraging people to become financially faithful with their God-given resources.
  • Lovingly guide people through the action steps they must take to resolve their question or problem and provide accountability for these steps, encouraging their involvement with a local church for long term discipleship.
  • Where appropriate and when requested, refer them to other organizations or agencies that specializes in intervention with creditors or provision of investment advice, as these are not the responsibilities of nor in the scope of service for Compass coaches.

How to Become a Coach

To learn more about being trained as a Financial Coach contact our friends at Connect Financial Ministries.

Connect Financial Ministries

As a Compass Financial Coach, you should never use your affiliation with Compass-  finances God’s way to promote or influence the sale of any investments or financial services or professional services. Compass- finances God’s way does not endorse, recommend, or sell any financial investments. No one may use their affiliation with Compass to promote or influence the sale of any financial products or services. Compass- finances God’s way does not give specific investment advice.